21 March 2012

my boring life

yesterday was the quarterly communications day at work, which i guess most people dread, but as i work at the coolest place in the world** it's kinda a big deal. see, technically speaking, i work in the music industry. that means that instead of being summonsed to the board room with the other minions to hear a spiel from the elders about the profit and loss schedule for the previous year, we were summonsed to the infamous ronnie scott's jazz club in london's west end to hear about how, as a company we managed to keep the likes of elton john and lady gaga in their respective bespoke glasses and fish bowl heels. all with a couple hundred pounds worth of booze behind the bar. all in work time. not a bad deal.

after the presentation we headed out into china-town for a few drinks to carry on the merriment, and lo and behold what do find hiding in the local beer hall.. our very own coopers sparkling ale! considered an "imported ale" (brewed and bottled in south australia - its heaps good!) it cost me an arm and a leg but well worth cos it was delicious and made me think of summer and home and naw.

after a few more wines (i had to tighten the budget after the £4.50 beer) it was time to head home once i realised i was getting larey and shouting and such (read: on form.)..
erica x

**a massive lie.