12 May 2012

doing it yourself

omigosh guys, i have found the ultimate home-improvements website at a beautiful mess. there's soooo much cool stuff in there, like this tutorial on how to style a summertime twist as well as step-by-step pics to assist idiots like me who can't follow a basic command - i also saw a variation, not sure if it was on this site, which included using braids instead of just pony tails to create a bit more of a bohemian look:

having been stalking around the world-wide-web for the best part of today, i spent so much time on this site and found this awesome post too: heart blanket diy. it's so genius! and so simple! so 'dorable! full credit to elsie at a beautiful mess whose blog is super smart and useful and awesome and.. twee!

Heart blanket DIY 4

today was also spent creating more gorgeous hair goodies, and also a new official facebook page for my buying erica 'brand'...BRAND! ha, how hilarious. people actually want my stuff? mazing. here's a couple of the newest additions... i'm really happy with how they turned out. what do you think?

cream+black satin bow

white+pink rose jersey bow

just a quick share for today, had to show you!

erica x