11 May 2012

friday fix

i came across this helpful tidbit during the week for anyone looking to see the new avengers assemble film without having seen any of the other marvel movies. 
i read it after i had actually seen the new film, but found it both hilarious and helpful, as i still had a few questions afterwards - especially in regards to the back story of black widow and hawk eye's relationship, and where fury fitted into it all..

my gorgous friend dee's tumblr has had me re-blogging and stalking and mesmerized, all. week. long.
i am pure jealous of all the pretty things on her page and how well laid-out the whole shebang is. she is a beautiful crazy asshole and i love the shit out of her and her nerdy brain. her blawg is just as awesome naturally, and of that i am also well jel. check her out, she rules.. and she's over there at the top of my side bar looking totes stunner -->

my new etsy shop has had me tiny in fits of surprise all week...
a new addition to the bow shop
(read: collection)

i have had some amazing feedback from both the shop and potential customers. i was offered a spot at the spitalfield markets the day after i opened the shop, by the marker organiser. i was so shocked! i understand they probably invite everyone in a certain area, but when i responded to say that i was very greatful but would have to decline due to the cost involved, the organiser seemed genuinely disappointed and told me i would be welcome to join at any time and asked for my email address to keep me in the loop. i have also had a handful of orders from the gorgeous girls at work, who have all seen the shop and like certain ones but would like different colours, etc. i have ordered some more fabric, and will get started on some custom orders when it comes in. truly did not expect that! very humble!

am wearing my new favourite dress today - and have been told i look like 'good sandy' from grease. 
total compliment!
my new favourite dress

i don't know how true that is, but i really love this dress so was glad that the day i wore it, the sun came out and it stopped raining. it's also my last day in my current role, so will also be my 'going out dress' for tonight. will stay sensible tonight, i promise! this week has only been a 3-day week, but long enough. looking forward to getting into the new role and really making it mine. lamelamelame. 

on sunday rebekah and i are going to see the hunger games finally. if you have been hiding under a rock and literally have no idea what i'm talking about, check our the imdb page . i cannnnnn't wait. now that i have finished the trilogy i need to see it and tick it all off my list. without giving it away at all, i'm totally bummed about the third book. it kinda seemed almost like an extension of catching fire that could have easily fitted into another 2 or 3 chapters. within the first few chapters, i was bored, and skim reading. a few more in, it felt like the sentences were becoming short and lifeless, and even the author wasn't sure where it was going. i was warned there would be an emotional few chapters, but to be honest, only one really got to me, and even then i had to really try and feel that emotion cos i almost saw it coming. the whole romance thing was secondary to the main story, but was soooo reminiscent of the twilight saga that i started seeing katniss as bella and thor - i mean gale, as jacob. bad times.

anyway, these are a few things that have been my week.


erica x