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him + me

this week marks boyfriend + my (me + boyfriend's?) one year anniversary. this year has both flown by and felt like an eternity. is that wrong to say? i don't care, it's true. he feels the same way, i think. we haven't planned to do anything, in fact, we only really realised when we were out for erin's birthday on saturday as it was at her party last year that we had a massive row and decided we were in-love. well, he decided. i said i'd wait and see. i used to be mean - some would say i still am. he doesn't think i am though, and his opinion is all that matters to me.

this last year has been one of the happiest of my life. being a londoner, he has been able to show me the hidden treasures of this city that i might not have been able to find, or certainly appreciate, on my own. we've gone away and discovered other cities together, taken planes, trains and buses to get there, and we have fought and bickered throughout it all. that's love, right?

a quick history.

i started my job in march 2011. about a month and a half later, he did. initially we were on the same team, both temping. i thought he was a creep. he kind of stalked me. he doesn't think that's true, but it is. and you can ask anyone i worked with at the time. he used to email me constantly at work. one night at the pub, we got chatting and he added me on facebook. the next day, he got the courage to ask for my number. then came the constant texts. it was a lot.

i was not interested. i had just come out of a crap relationship, moved halfway across the world, and was not sure what my plan was going to be. he was very persistent. i was essentially a bitch to him. the meaner i was, the more he tried. he had just come out of a looooong term relationship too, and so i assumed he was on the rebound. and, he's basically a lad. so, i basically didn't want to give him the time of day.

one fateful night at the pub, i had had a bit to drink, and he was trying it on again. this time, i gave him a piece of my mind. we had a jolly good row. after i got it all off my chest, he basically said "you're rediculous, just give it a shot.". that night we ended up at bex's house in west london, and not having a very good time (drama). he offered to get a cab to his "not like that, you perve" so i could sleep in the spare room (he was living alone at the time) because he could tell i was not comfortable being there. i accepted. £65 later, i'm sure i knew i was wrong about him. the next day i was fairly sick; make-up-less and in my pyjama's, and he looked after me by supplying panadol and blue powerade while i threw up in his many bathrooms. we spent the whole weekend together. we went on a date. we talked. he looked after me.

that sunday we went to erin's birthday party, and he got soooooo drunk that he was embarassing me in front of my friends. i had had enough and told him i wanted him to leave, he drunkenly told me he was sorry but he was so nervous because he wanted me to like him as much as he like me. i told him he was definitely going about it the wrong way. the next day he was sheepish and to apologise, he took me to ikea. ILOVEIKEA. we basically haven't been apart since, in a number of different lodgings. not even a lie.

we have been in our house now for 9 months, but living together since basically day dot. some days i wish we didn't live together. but some days i'm so glad we do. initially, i think financial reasons drove us to move in, but secretly i think loneliness and comfort did a bit too. he was living alone in the flat he used to share with his ex, i had *just* moved out from erin's couch to my own room in the worst flat share of all time. we stayed together for lots of reasons. for him, he was lonely and wanted the company. for me, i was scared and wanted the company. for both of us, it just made sense. 

i am a lucky girl. he is a great guy, and i don't tell him enough. or, ever? do i? i don't even know. but i think it all the time. he carries my lunch to work for me in a plastic bag. he comes back from lunch with a curly wurly for me. he gives me his spare change. he lets me sleep with my legs out wide because he "prefers to have less room". he brings me tea and toast before i even wake up. he meets me at the train station with flowers. he texts me goodnight, even though he's right next to me. he puts my tv shows on first, and always asks before he puts the football on. he wont ever buy me a glass of wine that isn't followed by a strawberry chuppa chup. he knows how i take my tea, my coffee, and is working on my juice-to-water ratio.. there's not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me i look "twee", that my shoes are "cute" or that my hair looks "amazeballz". he's the funniest guy that i actually know.

as i said, we haven't done anything. we haven't bought presents, or planned romantic dinners because, that's not us. we're not that romantic couple who go for weekenders or do wine tasting or take strolls in the park and talk about our fears. mum is still staying with us, and said we should have a 'night off' and have a nice dinner. we might, we haven't decided. that's more us. being last minute.

here's our year in pictures:

love erica x

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