by / 26 May 2012

my week in pictures

mama's been busy this week, but we have not.. it's been so warm during the week, and i am still getting to grips with the new job and have been a bit stressed and exhausted, so nothing really fun (mum on the other hand has been to brighton, brixton, portobello and wimbledon. lazy much?) on friday night we went out for a friends birthday, and another on saturday.. far too much drinking..! i am currently considering the possibility of maybe trying a diet, but, with birthdays drinks and my incessant love of crisps, i don't see it happening.

today we heading into the city for erin's birthday drinks at a great british pub at london bridge, then for a meal at the slug in southwark. something doesn't agree with me because i currently feel beyond horrible, but sadly we bailed on her early. she has offered to take mama out for the day on wednesday, so we will all catch up for a dinner date and round up that night somewhere in soho. hopefull banana tree on wardour street - soooo delish. can taste it now! i also arranged for a girls night out at a burlesque bar in the west end in a couple of weeks time - we can celebrate more with her then. right now, i need diet coke and bed.

unsuccessful summer braids

lunch in the sun
saturday in the sun
pimms with mamma + bex
jubilee time
tomorrow we are planning a shopping day in bromley - have to show her the local hangs! for now, i leave you with the highlights of the week. i will follow up with a time travel instalment tomorrow, so as to not completely leave you hanging.. because i know you're worried.

until then..

erica x

i am an adopted londoner with a penchant for flavoured coffee, patting dogs, and wearing pink on wednesdays.

i'm a spiky bitch who doesn't drink enough water.
prickly as charged.




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