2 June 2012

a take on reality

i decided to start an unofficial 'diet' this week. i have been saying it for a while, but with the onset of the brilliant weather this week, i have started to feel really uncomfortable in my own skin. i haaaate exercising, so my only other logical option is to cut down the junk that goes in, and put out (i mean exert, you perve) a little bit more. so, having gained a few old slimming world books from a mate recently, i finally put in some effort. the first few days were awwwwwful. and i swear to gawd, it's all a mental challenge. i mean, i snack, yeah. but, i don't over eat. i eat a fairly balanced diet, but yes, like a chinese or fish and chips on a friday night. and of course, the alcohol. you all are fairly familiar with my indulgence in alcohol. so. step 1: eliminate the bad. this literally means: stop eating the food you love. step 2: eat more fruit. this literally means: eat fruit. so, days 1 + 2 i was starving despite having eaten (and this is no exaggeration) a banana, a tracker bar (allowed), some grapes, chicken salad, an apple, another salad for dinner and numerous black teas and diet cokes. this is easily 3 times the amount of food i normally have in one day, yet i found myself starved by dinner time. mum thinks it's because my metabolism is now starting earlier, so it burns more or something. i don't really get it, but come day 5 it was a lot easier.. i am now basically just substituting bad snacks for healthy snacks, and i have cut dairy right out again. (i am lactose intolerant, so i should be doing this anyway)(bad form, i know). diet drinks are actually allowed, so i'm stoked i don't have to give up diet coke - i don't think i could anyway. i now drink about 5 glasses of water a day (with ribena or diet cordial - really tiny amounts, i seriously cannot handle the taste of water) and drink black tea. this is supposed to flush out the kidneys too. i am feeling really good on the inside, but feel really exhausted. i think i'm gonna have to give this exercising malarkey another go.
speaking of which, today mum dragged us out and into the woods behind our place. it's been a bit damp the last 24 hours or so, so it was really fresh and nice and crispy air but maaan am i unfit. there was a small incline that we had to walk up, that i found myself puffed out at the top of. what a joke! we walked for about half an hour to the middle of elmstead woods, where mum had to show us some pretty cool totem poles that have been loving gifted by the locals. they're carved into still-standing trees, and carved using only a chainsaw. mum thinks they're magnificent, and has gotten the low-down on them from the locals on her morning walks. i don't think i was paying attention, as i can't remember why they're there. but to know they were carved using a chainsaw is pretty cool. the walk back was better - all down hill! we picked some flowers on the way back down, and now my little house smells delicious!
as mentioned last week, boyfriend and i 'celebrated' our one-year anniversary this week, and true to form we left it until the eleventh hour to actually plan anything. he decided about half way through the day on tuesday (our official anniversary) that we should go to the theatre. we had always had the idea to go to our favourite restaurant for dinner that night, so this was a nice addition to our very loose plan. we picked some cheap tickets up on the interwebs, and decided on ' dreamboats and petticoats ', which on paper seemed right up my alley; a jukebox musical based around the rock'n'roll era between 1957 and 1963 - boys with slicked hair and letterman jackets, and girls in poodle skirts and big hair. my idea era! in reality though, it was a little lacklustre. a lot of the songs were obscure tracks - not necessarily 'hits', just ones that tied in with the 'story' they were trying (desperately) to tell. the company was really small, and had a lot of the same players in more than one role. i know this is not uncommon, but it was really obvious and a little distracting. the story was sweet, although hardly original, and some of the players' voices weren't strong enough against the band. the best thing about the show was the live band playing as the back drop - the keyboardist was a nutter! he was doing his best jive while playing his same 3 notes over and over, and being damn entertaining at the same time. i really enjoyed watching him - for me, he stole the show. it's a good thing the tickets were cheap, as i don't think i would be too happy had we paid full price. after the show we had some time to kill before our train home, and it was such a nice night, so we walked slowly across the thames and visited the  udderbelly grounds before getting on home. took some neat pictures, have a look for yourself.
earlier this week i made my second, third and fourth sales! i have been quite the busy bee. today i went out and bought a tool box-cum-sewing kit to keep all my gear in. previously it was strewn all around the living room-cum-mum's bedroom. not really ideal. so now it is all in one place, and i feel really proud of it! i do have my heart set on a cath kidston sewing house or sewing basket for sometime in the future, but for now this little box will do me just fine. i have basically been taking custom orders based on the fabric i do have, not really focussed on selling the products i already have made.. but that's ok, they'll make nice little presents down the line. or, knowing me, i'll rip them apart and make them again. i haven't been updating my etsy shop as much as the facebook page - etsy costs money to list, and i make so many that i just can't be bothered to list them all.. least with facebook i can just upload pics whenever i want.. needless to say, i went out and bought more fabric with the money i made this week, and some baby-sized clips as have had a few requests for kids and baby bows. entrepreneuring like a boss!
other fun things this week include: getting presents from australia! my amazing friend dee (the gorgeous one responsible for this gorgeous tumblr) sent me this amazing box of all the prettiest things! stationery! picture frame! a bird thing! bubble wrap! totally love getting presents, especially pink ones that look like this:
another delicious treat includes this amazing cream tea i had during the week ( i regret the cream, yes.). i realise i just went on about the diet up there ^ but on the slimming world malarkey you are allowed 15 'sins' a day. this whole thing accounted for 8 or 9 sins, so i'm ok on that front. the cream front, well.. not so ok. the scones were to die for, and i had a delicious frothy chai latte and it were nom.
today we went to bromley - shocking! i found the most delicious candles, made by none other than betty crocker herself! who knew she branched out into candles? not i! well, the peach cobbler is currently stinking out my room like baked fruity goodness, and i cannot wait to fall asleep amongst it. while shopping i found my favourite jubilee window by far. of course it would have to be topshop, but never mind. now, considering my love of everything twee, it's no surprise that this one caught my eye and captured my heart. i loves it! 
there is sooooo much jubileed stuff going on at the moment, and as i type, the rain is falling hard outside. i really hope it clears up as mum really wants to see the floatilla (boat parade on the thames) tomorrow.. they're recommending people get there 3 hours prior to the parade to secure a position.. but.. crap! that sucks. i wee like a old woman usually so i will be nil by mouth tomorrow. keep all fingers crossed please.

that's all from me, this week - sorry this has been a long post! as promised, i will post another time travel piece in the next few days. we are off to the country after the weekend, so no doubt i will regale you with wonderful tales of that on my return.

much love, erica x