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birthday wish list

uh oh, it's that time again.. this year i'll be 28 (!!!!!!!) and, strangely enough, my entire wish list this year is rather sensible. adult, if you will. i never really 'want' for things. if i see something i want, i buy it. end of. when it comes to things that are maybe a touch on the expensive or non-necessity side, i prefer to wait. sometimes it's just nice to get presents that you really look forward to receiving! this year boyfriend wanted to take me away for my birthday. instead, we found a really cheap deal on groupon for a 3 night stay in budapest and the dates were closer to christmas. last year, instead of buying presents we spent 3 nights in prague as our gift to each other. rather than do that this year, boyfriend is going to pay for the trip to hungary as my birthday present so we can still spoil each other at the end of the year! sweet deal! hungary is somewhere you only hear good things about, and while we still haven't made it to germany, i guess hungary is is going to be a very similar experience... sausages, beer + snow (or so we're hoping!). on to the list!
this pink or purple sewing machine from john lewis. i showed these to mum when she was here, and she graciously offered to buy me whichever one i wanted for my birthday - awesome! now all i have to do is choose my colour. obviously, the pink was my first choice, but, it's very bright. and small. i think the smaller one should be fine for what i'd be using it for; diy, hemming + alterations, but the bigger of the two has more technical options and i think also has a built in overlocker, which mum was quite impressed with. the cost is literally doubled from the smaller to the larger one, and initially i didn't want to seem greedy and ask for the more expensive one, but mum made a good point that it would be something i could keep forever (she still uses the same machine she had when she was my age) and it's not every day she gets to buy me things anymore, so.. i am leaning toward the bigger of the two. just a shame it doesn't come in pastels! i would have all of the colours!

this kenwood food processor also from john lewis. hmm maybe not even this exact one, but i guess a food processor in general. maybe a red one to match my kitchen. it would come in so handy! and, i really, really, really, really, really love to cook. and this would help me so so so much in making my own sauces etc. i quite often have to make my own stuff because i have 'digestive allergies' which means that there's a load of food i can't eat. as well as the food processor, i also really want a mortar + pestle. there's a bunch on ebay and amazon that are cheap as chips, so i might even just cave in an buy one for myself. 
everything from the kitchen department at bhs. everything from cath kidston. this beautiful mirror. all of ikea. new leopard flats like these, or these, oooh or these. these coral sparklies are cute too, so maybe add them to the list.
i've already been really spoiled in advance by a few of my faves. not only has boyfriend promised this trip to budapest which is going to be ah-maze-ing, but bex has already bought tickets for her + i to go to the london tattoo convention which is the weekend of my birthday, and will mean we will get to see and potentially meet some amazing artists like ami james of love hate tattoos a.k.a. 'miami ink', dan smith of occasional 'l.a. ink' and the dear and departed fame, and super rad-i-cool nikole lowe from london ink. this might also mean my first tattoo! well, who knows. i would have to be super prepared and lucky, and not a huge wuss. which i am. so. there's that. not only that, she's also very nicely refused to let me pay her back for my ticket to see the gaslight anthem in october. argh! so looking forward to that. it's been far too long since i last was at a gig. so so so so so pumped. aunty liz has also already spoiled me by buying me a ticket to the london oktoberfest which actually falls on my birthday! sooooo good. we actually get a sausage, side of chips and a beer all included with the cost too. that too will be awesome.

argh! as much as i don't want another birthday, i want all of the above. dear birthday gods, please bless me with some home wares vouchers this year and i will be one happy little girl! god knows i now have enough clothes.

i am an adopted londoner with a penchant for flavoured coffee, patting dogs, and wearing pink on wednesdays.

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