27 August 2012

homemade pumpkin soup

an easy recipe!

today my domestic goddess is singing - oh yes, she's singing. for i, have made pumpkin soup by myself. and it wasn't even hard? and i love pumpkin soup! so this is suuuuch a cheap way to keep my lunches stocked for a couple days a week.

i bought one regular sized butternut pumpkin (or butternut squash for those UK readers who cannot understand the difference), boyfriend cut all the skin off it for me (legend) and then all i had to do was dice it into about 2cm x 2cm squares and 'sweat' that over a tablespoon of butter in a big pot. i left that on low for about 10 minutes before adding a pint + half of hot water with 2 veggie stock cubes dissolved in it. i turned the pot then to medium-low and left it to simmer for about 30 minutes 'til the pumpkin cubes were mushy enough to blend. i then took this off the heat, liquidized in the blender (a food processor would have been much better, fyi.. *hint hint*), then returned it to the pot to flavour with ground black pepper and chilli powder (i like it hawt). now it's cooling before i can freeze it for lunches!
i'm a champion! what should i try next? lunch time, bye! *waves*