my week in pictures

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

this past week i have been battling the evil man flu. boyfriend suffered some minor symptoms, but i always seem to get it that little bit worse. i was suppose to catch up with an old friend from home during the week and had to cancel one day and make it up the next. even so, we caught up eventually, and it was nice. also this week was yet another farewell 'do' type thing at work, which had us out quite late again friday. being that it was the friday before not only payday, but also a bank holiday weekend, we were ok with that... we did manage to get the wrong train home then have to share a cab with 'manda from eltham', but that's a story for another day! 

saturday was basically a write off thanks to marty party and his tequila shots. both boyfriend and i were very 'unwell' until gone lunch time when we finally made it out of bed. we spent the day on the sofa instead, watching films and eating junk food. we celebrated our laziness by ordering chinese for dinner too. thrilling! sunday was a tad more productive; as we had no food in the house, and were supposed to be playing hosts to another of our infamous picnic-que's the following day (think bbq but without the hassle of grilled food) for a bunch of goodun's from work, we were destined for the grocery store.. by way of the charity shop, primark (me, not him), and the pub to eat and watch the football (him, not me). the sun was out, it was a good day!

monday was the day of the picnic-que. until the rain came. and then we had to cancel. oh no! boyfriend was so depressed because he was looking forward to having people over - that's because i do all the work. which is besides the point. he likes to entertain. so, when the rain came, we decided to go out instead. we headed for camden - my most favourite place in all of london, and planned to meet up with our friend chris who was due to come round that day anyway. boyfriend and i had a bit of a shop while we waited for him to arrive, and i bought the most adorable dress which sadly doesn't fit - screw you camden market with your no fitting rooms! i mean, it fits ok, i have a few assess that don't want to fit. but i will 'make it work' because the dress is so sweet. no hints, you will see it all in good time! we then headed for lunch nearby at ice wharf on the lock then wandered up the street to the world's end where we sat and drank, chatted and laughed for a while. the best kind of recovery for a washed out picnic, don't you agree?

when we got home i was tiiiired from basically doing nothing and it was already time to get ready to go back to work! wah! long weekends are never long enough. i need about a week off. looking forward to booking our trip to budapest in the next few days which will be grrreat because then i know i will have something magical and relaxing to look forward to. made some dinner, did some chores, painted my nails, time for bed.goodbye long weekend, it's been real. you get up to anything noteworthy this weekend?