19 September 2012

according to my iPhone

boyfriend and i reading in bed like cultured individuals
lavender macaroon sourced at borough martket with @missluvian
a minty milkshake (soya) to match my minty top
'anything can happen thursdays' brought to you by china town and food poisoning
a lazy sunday bruchetta with mozzarella, fresh basil and cherry tomatoes on crispy ciabata
date night courtesy of boyfriend and 'the sweeney' (don't see it, it's baaaad)
chilli prawn + mushroom rrrrrigatohhhhni
new bows available in the shop! go! look! buy!
new eye brows thanks to finding a pencil sharpener in boyfriend's art bag.

i'm boring this week - very sorry that i'm not living up to my own expectations. better luck next week.