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Friday, 14 September 2012

so, apparently it's national clothes swapping week? at least that's what mrs. thrifty tells me. what a great idea though - i for one do not own enough clothes. if anyone wants to host a party, please invite me! i'd have to buy something new to swap though, because... i heart all my current clothes. so. there's that.

i'm thinking about puting my domestic goddess skills to the test and making these cute beeswax candles as demonstrated by the lovelies over at a beautiful mess. can you guys please save me any jars you might have laying around? thanks!

as i was brainstorming for an article for layout, i saw this in my twitter feed (thanks lou!) about the zombie chase game coming to all good cities in england this year! the london one has sold out (boo), but would be fun to watch it unfold on the streets of london, and also there are spots available for volunteers - that seems pretty cool and would be an amazing night out! keep your eyes peeled for that, should it even happen.

errr.. how good does pumpkin and sweet onion quesadilla sound? well, except for the onion part, which might kill me or at the very least play havok with my digestion system. but, i am going to look at replacing that with something equally spicy - maybe red chillis and orange peppers, and giving this a go. seems like an easy lunch or side over winter.. nom, nom, nom. this pumpkin risotto is also going to feature soon. i have a big old butternut waiting for me at home. as i now have to wait for my birthday to get my food processor, these options might tide me over for the time being.

god, i wish kate, would stop being adorbale. i need to have my clothes swap party at her house, please. because, i am in need of her whole wardrobe. in it's entirety. no lie.

it's been a quiet week (for once) in my world, but tonight will be (kindly) sponsored by mastercard as ani has hooked us up with some tickets to see jessie j play a priceless (trademark) gig tonight in chelsea! how fun! open bar too, so expect pictures galore on instagram later! follow me if you don't already @imbeingerica - or, you know.. don't, if you're not into seeing a jazillion drunk pictures of me a bex. and maybe jessie j (if she's lucky).

lots of love,