16 September 2012

priceless london

some things are more priceless than others. an exclusive  jessie j  gig and open bar in chelsea on a friday night? especially so. so when the chance arose mid-week for such an opportunity, how could i refuse? i met bex at the fulham broadway station around 6:30, and we walked to the venue just past chelsea f.c grounds for doors at 7. we didn't have legitimate tickets, per say, as the ticket we had was for bex's mate nicola who was out of the country, but, ani was working there on the door... so... yeah.
once we were inside, there was tiny portions of delicious food floating about, and an open bar... 20 minutes later, we were well on our way to having a great time! all of the guests at the gig were winners of a competition run by mastercard, and it was a really intimate venue. we were total fraudsters! but.. we had mastercard flashing t-shirts so.. stealth.

the first act was an up-and-comer from london who's signed to the same label as jessie; angel (follow him @thisisangel). angel sang 5 or 6 songs from his debut album, with only an acoustic guitar to accompany him. i really like when r+b singers sing acoustically, because you're able to get a better idea of how well they can sing without all the bells and whistles. jessie j - despite all her vocal acrobatics, is a reaaaally good singer, and i couldn't imagine her label allowing someone below par opening for her. angel has only had one song released so far, so i didn't really know what to expect.
he was fantastic though! really got the crowd going, everyone was singing along to 'wonderful' and really got into the other songs too. jessie came on about half an hour later, and blew us away. she was really enthusiastic, happy to be there, mentioned (a few times) how long it's been since she's done such an 'intimate gig' (read: small crowd). i mean, she's just finished her own european tour, after opening for the jonas brothers on their US tour, and her recent UK stints performing at both the jubilee and the opening ceremony, so... a crowd of 200 certainly makes a point.

she pretty much performed all of the songs on her album (i think, i haven't listened to it in over a year), and even did a few covers. bex an i had a great time singing and dancing along, and ani came and joined us from time to time too (when she was not patrolling the area with her clipboard).

it was a really great show, so very lucky to have been invited along. many thanks to nic for being out of the country and ani for sorting bex and i out on the door.


**this post is not sponsored by mastercard**