22 September 2012

tea for two

rumours were rife mid morning on friday that there was free tea and cake being given out in the square opposite our work building. usually, this type of  awesomeness is quickly concluded with a rowdy mob trampling the marketing team of whatever the product being flogged is, so i didn't bother checking out. shortly after i had finished eating my deliiiiiicious chinese leftovers at lunch, a colleague came through the office with her hair did, her make up on, and smiling from ear to ear talking about her free lunch. three hours later. we didn't waste a minute longer; carmen and i grabbed our bags and headed for the square.

we took our seats and were amazed at how quickly our treats appeared. men in suits delivered cake stands to our mint-table-covered-table within minutes, and we were poured steaming cups of tea into delicate floral china. the tables were all covered with marketing for the chinaware comapany royal albert which included my most favourite kind of free marketing: oyster card holders!
the treats were to die for; mini cupcakes and macaroons, all quickly gulped down as we were cautious of our lunch hour nearing it's end - and, it was bloody cold! because of our shortened time there, we missed out on getting our hair done in complimantery victory curls or getting our era make up done. granted, both carmen and i are usually rocking the wings anyway, so this wasn't sucha  big deal. woulda liked me some finger curls or something though.. carmen carefully stuffed the few mini sweet stragglers into her purse, then we made our way back to work... slowly... so full of sweets.

if you're wondering what to buy me for my birthday, well wonder no more. please go to the royal albert website, and order me one of everything. or, two of everything, just to be sure i will always have fun, floral china to keep on show and never use in fear of breaking and having to replace myself.

many thanks!