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the weekend that was...

*picture heavy*

this past weekend has been buuuuusy.

we were supposed to be headed to the country to see our friend michael for the weekend, but as he is super high profile and important, his work schedule change and by happy coincidence, he was in london. so during the day saturday (while he caught up with other friends), because it was such a lovely day out, boyfriend and i met up with carmen and headed central for the last day of mr. brainwash's london exhibition on new oxford street.
what i woke up to saturday morning
the skies in south london
the exhibition was freeeee, which is always good, and was really full. like, quite a lot of the time, free exhibitions can be really light on work, or the stuff isn't really appealing or is... not any good. this one was none of that. it was held inside the old sorting office, and was spread out across quite a few levels in this gutted warehouse. it felt really natural to be wandering around amongst the cement, bollards and random political art. i know there's this long standing comparison between banksy and mbw, and of course there are other obvious elements to his work; nods to andy warhold and the u.k. music industry too, but i still think his work was still very clever and i really enjoyed it!
 on the way out, there was a free. gift shop. we picked up some posters of our favourite pieces and postcards as well, and got to sign the guest book! interesting to see some of the stuff people had written, favourite entry being 'thanks. exit through the free gift shop' - unsigned, in homage to the banksy documentary of the (almost) same name. we were in there about an hour in total, and we had a really good time - lots of pics to prove it (won't bore you with them all)!
mango sorbet yuuuuuuuuuhhhhm
the weather in london was sooooo beautiful. warm, but not too hot. we were busy snapping pics of all the back streets around soho and covent garden.. wandering, wandering until we were starving then we stopped in at steak & co in covent garden for a cheap and deeeeelicious lunch. from there we took our time walking it off and stopped in at trafalgar square where there has been 11 days of festivities for the paralympics. we were fairly hot and lazy by that point so grabbed some freshly squeezed lemonade from a stall in the festival and just chilled out by the fountains in the shade and watched some olympics for a bit.

on the walk home, boyfriend and i took the long way and headed across the river to waterloo, and took in the beauty of the city in full blown sun. it was such a glorious day. i sometimes forget how wonderful london is, and we all take it a lot for granted. we get stuck in 'confortable' or 'regular' and we never do anything new. i had had such a brilliant day with my friends, in my new city, and it really reminds me why i chose to live here in the first place...
michael was caught up in traffic so didn't get to ours til after 6:30, then we decided it would a nice night for a stroll... so off we headed to bromley, with chimichanga on our minds. by the time we reached the restaurant, and saw how flippen busy it was (saturday night, duh) so we headed next time to ask. we ate, chatted and drank the night away. so good to catch up with mj - who i really have only known in person for 6 days, but i have known my whole u.k. life. you can read about how we met here, and since ireland we saw him again last year in edinburgh.. besides that, it's beena purely cyber friendship, so really good to catch up and taaalk.
pink skies in south london
mj and moi x
when we got home, we were soooo tired. we tried to watch xfactor, but gave up and went to bed. we had big plans for the following day, so an early-ish night was in order.. until i checked my email at discovered my eBay account had been hacked and someone had listed a bulldozer under my name, and then hacked my email to delete all the confirmation emails. faaaantastic. that put me in a brilliant mood before bed.. i have since changed my email address (a brand new one!) and had to set up a new eBay account too because they blocked my account! which suuuuucks because now i lose my feedback score. wah! enough. picked up and moved on.

today, we met carmen (again) at borough market (again!), after hyping it up big time to mj since asking if he wanted to go... only to be massively let down by the fact that only half the market was open. i know that it's not usually open on a sunday, but it's supposed to be open everyday for the olympics + paralympic games. which... wasn't. agh! so, we picked up some bits and pieces; me some  macaroons and a spicy sausage, carmen a browwwnie and mj a bit of everything. ha! then we decided to walk to the wonderground at southbank, and we were lucky enough to find ourselves amongst the mayor's thames markets the entire way to waterloo from southwark. 

once we had made our way through the markets and finally got to wonderground we grabbed some cold drinks and sat in the shade and updated all our instagrams chilled out for a bit.. until we were hungry again, then found ourselves in another wee market behind the festival hall at waterloo.. so many markets! <- this is sounding boring. but it was much more fun at the time? maybe i'm just crap at telling stories? hmph.

we had to get mj back to ours by 3, and we promised him a stop in at primarni on the way so we headed off shortly after. another really great day out and about in our fair town, and super fun to hang out with some of my absolute favourite people and show mj around big bad london. but now, we are tiiiiiiiired. big time tired. i think one more day off would be ideal, but sadly i don't think that's on the cards for me.

i've had a fab weekend, and we don't really ever embrace getting out of the house? we're partially professional hermits. but this weekend has really set the bar, so hopefully a few more like it on my horizon!

i am an adopted londoner with a penchant for flavoured coffee, patting dogs, and wearing pink on wednesdays.

i'm a spiky bitch who doesn't drink enough water.
prickly as charged.




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