3 September 2012

to market, to market

before carmen and i got too drunk on thursday night at the 'jazz club' (previous post) we made plans to head to borough market on saturday. we planned to meet at 1pm, and while i waited patiently for her to arrive, a lovely gentleman decided that i seemed like someone who would know 'places to go' in and around london bridge. i suggested the market. he wasn't interested. he then sort of.. posed the question to me differently, like.. "if i was to take you out on a date somewhere, where would it be?" to which i replied that boyfriend and i have been on dates there before, so he should have another think. in telling this story to boyfriend he was adamant that it was all purely hypothetical and what he meant to ask was "if i was to take a nice girl out on a date somewhere, where would it be?" i'm not convinced. i prefer to think i was being hit on. it has been a while though, so i can't be certain...

when carmen arrived we slowly made our way through the food stalls, taste testing what we could and ear-marking places to go back to and make purchases. i never spend money on food stuff - though i have no problem buying 10 new dresses a month (priorities!), so i allowed myself to splurge there instead of on asos.com this week.

both carmen and i came away with a haul of fresh, homemade or organic food, all delicious and ripe. my favourite purchase - that i have been coveting for weeks, is a pear and vanilla butter preserve that is... indescribable... besides the obvious pear and vanilla butter taste that is. she and i went halves in a loaf of fresh crusty bread (almost all gone - delicious with my second batch of homemade soup: potato and leek. I digress.), which I smothered with jam for breakky on sunday... devine!

my other must have at the markets is a slice of baked cheesecake. this week was toffee + pecan, and it was absolutely delicious; it took all my will power to not eat it on the train.. I wanted to save it for comfy clothes and my tv! as i was eating it back at home, i accidentally knocked the box it was in off the couch. i threw my hands over my face thinking i had just gone and thrown away the piece de restistance of my day, when I looked up i saw that boyfriend had dove to catch it! it was looking poorly but it was all there! he saved the day!

it wasn't all bad food though, i picked up some yellow cherry tomatoes and a punnett of nectarines too - all locally grown and organic. and delicious!

had a lovely day out with carmen, and have made a resolution to head to borough at least once a month - it's so vibrant and exciting and fresh and wholesome (and they sell wine!), and you can go some days and spend no money at all with all the freebies floating about. i know there are tons of stalls we missed, so definitely a place to revisit over and over again.

borough market is my favourite food market in london - what's yours?