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Sunday, 14 October 2012

is the answer to the question "what goes green, red, green, red, green, red?" apparently it's supposed to be a joke. i've heard it so many times this afternoon though, that, just, no.

so, today i bought a blender. i've wanted one for ages - well at least since recently, when i discovered how easy making soup is with one, and how often jamie uses his for everything.

the first thing i made was a fruit smoothie with some over-ripe fruit; chucked in some rasperries, apples from the tree out the front, a brown banana and a generous splash of some apple + pomegranate juice.
once i had blended it all down, it still seemed a bit too thick, so i added some milk to make it more smoothie-esque and less of a raw juice, and hey presto! a delicious afternoon bevvie was born. yey!

hunting around my kitchen to see what else i could use my new 12 function, multi-purpose blender on, i found a butternut squash i had forgotten all about. soup! soup makes me happy, and warm, and is a well easy last minute lunch idea. thus, pumpkin soup was born! 

here's how:

1. melt some butter in the biggest pot you can find. 2. add diced chunks of pumpkin to the melting butter til they smell almost like popcorn. let them cook like that for a few minutes.

3. mix a stock cube in 2 pints of boiling water, then pour over your 'sweating' pumpkins. put the lid on and let to boil for 30 minutes. 4. if you are stupid, feel free to put a whole red chilli in as well. be sure to not take the seeds out first though. no one likes a bland meal.
5. once your pumpkin is soft and the majority of the stock has reduced, pour into your blender, adding salt and pepper to flavour (yes, even if you have stupidly added the whole red chilli), and whiz until smooth. add in a few splashes of milk for consistency and taste (and if you're stupid so you don't get 3rd degree burns in your mouth) then return to the pot for it to cool down - remember to turn the stove off! if you have been stupid as above, you may want to add some greek yoghurt or some reduced cream to cool the taste, as...
it will be hot, this is not a joke.

voila! serve with some crusty bread (and keep some water close by!)... i'm too scared to eat it now, but i bet yours will be aces!

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