11 October 2012

all signs point to a reunion

this week has been unusually quiet. thankfully! it all started with some lazy weekend sleep-ins, home-made pizza and a delicious sunday roast, an easy few days at work, all followed up with the promise of a 'good old days' reunion with a couple of my original besties from adelaide on wednesday night. dan is here holidaying with his sister, and is staying in london for only a few nights. kaitlin on the other hand, has lived in london for almost three years now, and although we are in the same city, we're mutually bad people and have only caught up as many times in as many years. bad, i know. but, with a reason to celebrate, dinner and drinks in the city was desperately needed... and so, it was!
frankie and a coffee
making pizza
sunday roast
my new cherry+cinnamon necklace
boyfriend worked his magic and scored us some free drinks for after work, and so while we waited for kaitlin to arrive, dan, shontelle (sister), carmen, boyfriend and i tucked in to some crisp pink wine and cold  bottles of beer... we had planned to have a quick drink then head off for dinner, but... with the end of happy hour rapidly approaching, we felt it was 'best' to stay put and eat later... 4 bottles of wine and 1000 goofy pictures later, we were well and truly reunited (and very drunk).
shontelle, kaitlin + dan
pink wine makes me happy
lots of drink
take 6
when we finally made it to dinner, we (kaitlin) were sooooo loud and obnoxious that people sitting near us literally got up and left. we tried apologising to the waiter, but he just laughed and said it was their loss and it's a shame they weren't having as much fun as us. and we were! having a great time! poor shontelle was struggling to keep up with us pro wine drinkers, so we thought food would be best for her. poor love couldn't manage her garlic bread let alone her pizza (cue the rest of us swooping in for the left overs), so all reports this morning claim that she is slightly worse for wear..
a rare picture of boyfriend actualy smiling! 
more pizza
as dan is only in town for a few days, we're hoping to try and catch up with him again before he goes home - it's been about 12 months since we saw him last in edinburgh, and who knows when we will see him next. dan is my original gay best friend. the will to my grace. we go a long way back - at least 10 years now, and it's great to see him and reminisce.. we have a lot of stories; some we remember happening differently of course, but they're our stories never the less, and they happened together. sometimes when people move away they grow some and change some. some people will never change. he is one of them. and that's a good thing.


  1. Sounds perfect!
    Your blog is lovely, dear <3

    le fresne x

    1. ohh thanks love! yours is wonderful! i will definitely be reading more x


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