13 October 2012

cold hard laziness

oh how i had such grand plans for today; boyfriend and i have been looking for a flat of our own since our land lady moved back in with us (complicated story), and yesterday we had scheduled a viewing of a great little flat in eltham for 10 am this morning. then we went out drinking for (more) leaving drinks after work. and got in at midnight. so, as if being *ever so mildly* hungover was not bad enough, it really helped when - only after turning up early and then waiting a half an hour longer than we should, the agent didn't turn up. boyfriend called him to get some sort of eta, and was told that he never confirmed the time with us (ahh yeah you did mate!) and couldn't make it today. ohhhh grrreeeat one. 
mix-and-match outfits
too tired to be pissed off, and not wanting to waste the bus fare on nothing, we walked around the neighbourhood to see what it was like.. and i love it! there are lots of good restaurants and shops on the high street (it actually HAS a high street), a big sainsburys, a dorothy perkins, lots of hairdressers, pubs and charity shops a plenty, and - my favourite, a costa coffee! the place we were supposed to look at was a 10 minute walk from the high street, and within spitting distance from the train (without being noisy at all).. it really sounded ideal. we still haven't heard back from the agent to re-schedule, and i don't think we will now based on what an actual ass-hat he sounded. sad, but true. we will definitely continue the hunt in eltham i think - such great links to everything; greenwich and blackheath are 10 mins (if that), london in 20 minutes, bromley in just under half an hour. from the top of the road we could see london bridge and the shard.. it's going to be perfect. now we just have to find a flat.

the rest of the day will be spent being lazy. i've stocked up on chai tea and crumpets, so my day is sorted until x factor at 8. it's so cold out and toasty in, that i don't even care about being lazy today. i think i need it this week. still not feeling 100% but i think it's a combination of weather, boredom and stress. once i manage that combination of crap, then i will be aces. i have my new sewing machine, but i feel really uninspired to do anything with it. also, i have no room to sew. so. sew. ha!
some highlights of my week...
friday cupcakes at work - yum!
lunch dates at bella italia
strawberry hair clips from kelly-anne's etsy shop
a new dress makes the world a happy place
and relax

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