flexi fun

Sunday, 7 October 2012

friday was a good day, but also a sad day. it was good in that i got to wear my new favourite dress and finally try pumpkin spice latte from starbucks (probably never again), but bad in that it was my very good friend at work's last day with us. lisa is a no-holds-barred kiwi from wellington, and reminds me a lot of my second home (for those who don't know, my mother is a kiwi and i have holidayed in nz for most of my life, but also lived there in my early twenties..). she is vivacious and loud and cheap and carefree, and is always busy making the most of her time in london - she puts most londoners to shame with how much she gets out of this crazy city. she has been here for the full 2 years her stupid visa allows for, and instead of packing up and moving home, she's decided to trade london in for berlin for a year, and bide her time there. in any case, this place will not be the same without her, and good luck to anyone trying to fill her hole now.. oh god, you know what i mean.
this face says it all... this dress is *squeeeee!*
so after work on friday, rather than head to the warm familiarity of gem bar, we followed carmen's lead (in the sodding rain) across soho to the intrepid fox at the end of denmark street. there, we were met with an unfamiliar and highly unfriendly welcome, when, as 15 of us stumbled in off the street, the barmen turned to each other and proclaimed, "what the fuck is going on here?! has their bus broken down or something?!" ahhh yes. good old fashion hospitality. as if that wasn't bad enough, the stench of raw sewerage coming from the bottom of the stairs just as i was desperately in need of a wee just about sent me running back across town. never the one to back down from a fight, i handed my lovely new dotty p coat over to boyfriend, on strict instruction to not let it touch the ground, and begrudgingly made my way to the 'ladies room'.

stairway to... hell

i'm pretty sure the reason the toilets were down the bottom of so many stairs, is so that when the stench finally kills you, no-one can hear you scream. great wallpaper though, and miss carmen is never one to say no a well-lit photo opportunity. we lost a few people early on, and gained others through the night. the longer we stayed, we realised that perhaps our initial perception of the regular clientèle was a bit jaded, and the later it got, the more 'normal' people became. either way, mental or not, lisa had a great time there and was happy to stay put despite the early leavers. however, not being used to paying full-price for our friday night drinks, it sort of dawned on boyfriend and i around 8 that we might still be able to score some drinks back closer to work, so took a shot and bribed her with alcohol... which totally paid off as when we got to gem, boyfriend somehow managed to score us a £75 bar tab! a couple whiskeys later, and lisa didn't even know where were were anymore. a great send off for an amazing chick, one who will be missed by many. wah!