7 October 2012

totally clueless

so, a few weeks ago, bex asked carmen and i if we would be interested in going to a rooftop cinema screening of clueless. as if we wouldn't be interested! we signed ourselves up and then totally forgot about it until this week when bex reminded us and semi-planned our rendezvous for the show. i met carmen around 6:30 after getting pretty lost while walking up and down curtain road, then standing out the very front of the queen of hoxton and not realising it - what? i totally paused. the rest of the party were running a bit behind, so we settled in with a wine and a whine.

magical east london street art

when the girls arrived, we headed up(6 flights of)stairs and got settled with our blankets and drinks and popcorns, oh my! the rooftop was soooo pretty. fairy lights and lawn chairs adorned the roof, while the lights  of east london shone in the background. saturday night's event was the last of the year, so we were very lucky to have made it there just in time. apprently the rooftop cinema sessions have been running all summer long, showing all kind of cult-classics; a real 'something for everyone' type deal. ani and nic had both been recently, ani to see the original king kong, and nic to see everyone's favourite, dirty dancing, and both raved about it, so we were really looking forward to it.

shortly before the movie kicked off we were all issued with headphones to drown out the noise from the street, and also the bar downstairs. these were a god send - not only so we could actually hear the movie, but also they acted as ear muffs against the freezing night air which seemed to come out of nowhere! i had rugged up best i could, knowing that it would be cold, but sitting outside on the roof of 7th floor is hard to dress for. i had prepared the best i could and worn 2 pairs of tights, my new boots and coat, cardigan, gloves and scarf, and i was still cold. so yes, the headphones were excellent at keeping my ears warm while the rest of my shivered through the movie...

..when i wasn't laughing my arse off i mean! oh my god, so much funny that i didn't understand as a kid/teenager that i know we will be laughing about for weeks to come. now, i loved this movie as a kid, but i haven't watched it in years. so long ago, that parts of it genuinely had left my memory. like, *spoiler alert* i really don't remember christian being gay?! i must've been no naive at 10 that i simply thought christian still only liked 'girls as friends' and didn't know what the implications of that were! ohhh god, hilarious. there were parts of the movie that - despite the headphones, all you could hear was the audience roaring with laughter. there are too many excellent catch phrases in that movie, and when you think about it, a really great comedic cast too.

well, i had a ball rollin' with the homies - which makes me think, we should do that more often...at least i hope not sporadically. (see what i did there?)