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we are augustines

another of my wonderful birthday pressies from my fauxcousinslashACTUALbestmate was a ticket to go and see 'we are augustines' play at the shepherd's bush empire with her and LP on monday night. both ladies were suffering with epic cases of monday-itis, so we agreed to meet at the tube station at 6pm and grab a quick bite to eat pre-gig.
 we strolled about white city deciding on what to have, and (thank fully) settled on wahaca (i love me some mexican, yo!) although the place wasn't very busy, the service was pretty awful considering bex's salad was the last to come out, and it was literally made up of leaves and seeds. nevertheless, as always it was a delicious and messy meal - my favourite kind!
after our meal, we took cover inside of the mall because it was absolutely freezing. what better way to beat the cold than having a frozen desert? there is not better way. so, gelati it was! we larked about a bit more, then headed to the venue. we were still a fair bit early (doors were 7, we figured they'd be on at 9) so we headed next door to the walkabout for some traditional australian fare... read: snakebites! for those of you so uncool that you don't know what a snakebite is (i envy you, i really do), it's a half pint of beer, half pint of cider, topped off with delicious raspberry cordial. does that not epitomise class? no. no it does not.
with the decision to move on just before 9, we headed into the empire, to be met by a gazillion other people. i'm pretty sure the venue is not designed for one gazillion people, so it was crampy. and, i'm pretty average to short height. and, we were at the back, by the bar - every cloud, eh? the opening band was still on, and played through til just before 9:30 - oh how we mis-timed that! not all bad though, because they were pretty good. not that i could see a thing, but i'm almost certain the lead singer was trouty mouth from glee. hm.
when we are augustines came out, the crowd (all gazillion of us) went mad. i still have no idea what they looked like, but bex tells me there was a hat being worn at one point. i took the pictures above, but.. they could be of anyone really. they sounded amazing, and very true to the album. i really hate when you go and see a band live and they sound nothing like their album, and you just have to wonder how a producer would allow something like that to be released. if i was ever truly gifted enough to be able to play and release music as a CAREER, i certainly don't think i would try to be something i'm not.. it just makes those live appearances so inaccurate and .. not what your fans have paid for //rant// we sang along for a good hour, but i was really cautious of the time (last trains, WAH) so left at about 10:30. sadly, i missed my fave song 'chapel song' which i am told was their encore. way to keep your fans interested guys, keep the best til last! that old cliche really bites sometimes.

i had a great night with the ladies, not unusual. another excellent birthday story - in hindsight, my birthday post could/should have been broken up.. maybe i will edit them that way; i realise it's a long read! thank you for reading though, as always i'm shocked so many of you are stopping by. it truly warms my heart..

stay cute kids x

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