2 May 2013

blog sale...extravaganza!

a random twitter chat on saturday - between myself, donna, amy and kirsty, about the pros and cons of selling stuff on ebay versus selling stuff via blog sales, or 'shop my closet' type sales, has now snowballed into this epic blog sale extravaganza link up fest... how exciting for you!

what this means in, the four of us (rachel already has one up!) are all hosting our own blog sales, but we are helping you out to even bigger and better bargains by linking them all up for you! in essence, 5 blog sales in easy peasy reach! behold, if you will, the...

that's right; all items include standard uk postage. all sales are final (no refunds). first person to leave their paypal address and the item name will be invoiced. first in, first served. each of the seven sellers are offering a range of sizes, to satisfy all your crazy demands and needs - what more could you want?! so, check out these ladies below, and happy shopping!!

and last, but no means least,
erica :: being erica

"forever colourful" :: forever 21 - medium - £6

"zara berries" (never worn) :: zara - large (but quite small, to fit size 10-12) - £8

"hearts skirt" :: jay jays - aussie 12 (more like a uk 10) - £6

"stripey skirt" (never worn) :: red herring - age 16 (fits 10-12) - £7
"frilly bag" (never used, no brand) - £5
"navy bag" :: vintage M&S - £5

"what a hoot" :: primark - size 10 (fits a 12) :: £6

"saddle up" :: primark - size 10 (fits 12) - £6

"antique floral" :: apricot - m/l - £10

"flutterbys" :: cameo rose - medium - £7

"henne's hearts" :: h&m - size 14 - £6

"ditzy daisies":: h&m - size 12 - £5

"army lady" (worn once) :: h&m - size 14 (small fit) - £7

see something you like, but have a question? let me know via twitter @imbeingerica or by email imbeingerica[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk and i'll get back to you as soon as i can. ready to buy? leave the item "name" and your paypal address in the comments, and i will reserve the item for you until the invoice is paid. all comments must be authorised, so first in will be first served. i am happy to combine postage, at a charge of £1.50 per extra item - just email me for details.

thank you and happy shopping!


  1. Forever Colourful please! Amy.marie.walsh(at)hotmail.co.uk :):)

  2. Forever Colourful please! Amy.marie.walsh(at)hotmail.co.uk :) x

  3. saddle up please! strangedaysareamongus@hotmail.com

  4. Antique floral please! lizstephens@hotmail.co.uk x


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