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18 March 2012

spring hath sprung

as part of my current internal battle against my body i have decided to try exercising. except.. exercising is bollocks and is awful and boring and anyone who actually genuinely does not agree with that is, well, odd in my opinion. i tried a "10 minute abs" work out we have at home, rubbish. then i was so bored of it and angry and hot and bothered that i needed to go for a walk. we have a huge park out the back of our place that i stormed around for a half an hour. on my walk i discovered some pretty cherry (apple?) blossoms that had only recently sprung up..

i'm such a girl. i love a good bloom, and those pretty blossoms definitely put me in a cheery mood. by the end of my storming i was less huffy and more happy and had only the pink posies and the beach boys to thank for it.

a success!

erica x