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with two fast trains an hour every day from london to derby (in as little as an hour and a half!), the pretty east midlands countryside and surrounding towns are super easy to get to at any time. actually, that's almost less time than getting across london on a busy day. for real, it takes me just about an hour door-to-door to get to work monday to friday, and similarly to get to west london for lunch when the tube is on strike at a weekend, so with a whole 'nother world of foodie wonders to be devoured just north of london, doesn't it make sense to explore those from time to time too?


despite ranting about how much embroidered stuff there is in new look at the moment, i now own a piece of it, in fact, i was in-store collecting it when i made the observation about all the embroidered stuff. isn't it ironic; don't you think? well, whatever you think, the fact remains that i'm a massive hypocrite who ought to be ashamed of herself, but can't be, because i now own a totally gorgeous embroidered jumper that makes me feel all pretty and ethereal and nothing at all like ashamed when i wear it. so where does that leave us, huh?


gin is a relatively new discovery for me; in australia we're big wine and beer drinkers, less so with the spirits. less so still with the posh spirits like gin. so it's been only since i moved here that i've been on that hype, and let me tell you this: gin is now my jam. tonic, not so much. i find tonic too bitter for my delicate palette, so prefer my gin in a cocktail, or with something sweet like elderflower to make it more drinkable. so when i heard about the specially designed gin cocktail menu at the newest cocktail bar on the scene - bloom, in king's cross, i made plans.