frock swap | gettin' shirty

shirt : rachel's c/o george | dress c/o wal g | bag : asos | shoes c/o clarks

thankfully i changed these shoes before actually heading out on sunday, as i was cautious enough to bother to check the weather and discover it was bucketing down; i had an outdoor walk ahead of me, and these leather lovelies would have been ruined in an instant. i wore (most of) this outfit to the cinema on sunday; albeit with a hundred more layers over the top and a hooded coat to combat the monsoon outside.

as if i don't have enough lace in my wardrobe already - or pink dresses for that matter, when this lacy number dropped through the post from wal g last week, i maybe did a little wee of excitement. it's such a pretty shade of pink, and it has these perfect little capped sleeves - something that i rely on more and more to cover my pasty bingo wings these days. it's ever-so-slightly longer than most of the dresses in my wardrobe, and it is bloody lined! it's like a bloomin' dream come true. my only gripe with it, is that it's got this suuuuper low cut back, which means that my bra is totally visible if no cardi/jacket/whatever is worn with it. which is a shame, because it looks adorable without another layer.

on sunday though, i decided to give rachel's floral blouse a whirl; first opting to layer it underneath similar to how debbie and donna styled it themselves, but then opted to go with  a very 'typical erica' solution; tied at the waist. presto! the clash of bold print with the pastel pink (and added cutie pie scalloped bag!) are just too twee for words. this shirt is lush... not sure if rach will be getting it back anytime soon...

so, what do we think; who wore it best?
answers on a postcard below.

giveaway | on wednesdays we wear pink (duh)

you guys! next week is the official ten year anniversary of the release of mean girls upon the world, and - by some stroke of luck, it's on a bloody wednesday! to honour the day in the right way, miss jo jo and i have banded together to bring you something a little bit fun to celebrate the anniversary... a little plastics giveaway!

get in loser, we're going shopping.

included in this little pink prize pack is everything you need to to dominate north shore high on a wednesday. because - as the name of this post suggests, on wednesdays we wear pink, we have got you covered; in love with fashion have generously gifted this pretty pair of pink palazzo pants (size m only, to fit a uk size 10-12) to have you striding the halls with confidence, while clever clogs jojo has donated one of her mean girls inspired tees from her etsy shop to complete the look! four for jo jo, you go jo jo! now, because we only wear our hair in a ponytail one day a week (so i guess you picked today), i have handmade the lucky winner a pretty little glitter hair clip to keep those tresses tame but still down and so chic (that's why your hair is so big; it's full of secrets!).

she doesn't even go here!

to complete the plastics' pout, i've added a couple of my favourite mua lip and nail products; one matte lipstick in pouty pink, one sheer finish lip gloss in just incase and one nail varnish in bright pink. i once saw regina george wear matte lipstick in pouty pink bright pink nail varnish, so you should want to wear matte lipstick in pouty pink bright pink nail varnish too. all you have to do is follow the rafflecopter below. this giveaway is open internationally, because... we don't discriminate the way karen would. boo, you whore!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
you can go shave your back now.

frock swap | when rachel made me wear a biker jacket

dress c/o in love with fashion | jacket : rachel's c/o george | bag : primark | shoes c/o clarks

*what's with the weird yellow vibe in these pics? the exposure must've blown out the wall colour... soz* this dress is sooooo short, yet sooooo pretty! absolutely adore it, and was over the moon when it joined the collective mail haul that landed on my desk last week; when it rains it pours! the pretty mint number arrived the very same day as rachel's george at asda biker jacket - which i instantly loathed, so i felt a bit of a challenge trying to style it.

because i'm pretty hour glass shaped, i don't like heavy, boxy tops. i wear skater dresses because they fit and flare, and i wear cropped jumpers and cardis as they accentuate my waist and small shoulders, and kind of flatter my shape. this jacket though... it boxy, heavy, and probably a tad too big. it does nothing for my shape, and i felt really... badass in it. which, is actually not a bad thing; i love a bit of bad assery, but i just really don't think it's me. that is, while i was wearing it. in this picture, i think it actually works really well, and gives the pretty, girl frock the ultimate outfit opposition... and, not that you can tell in the pics, but i had the most perfect lipstick on too - it matched the deep purple florals in the dress, and i was elated to find the perfect shade to match.

i wore this out and about on saturday in london town, putney bound for a hair cut and treatment for six out of ten, and spent the majority of the day pulling at the skirt, making sure my modesty was in tact. there's no lining, and like i said, it's really short. perhaps if my legs were long and slender i'd be less concerned, but as they're not and i have some body confidence issues (and, flashing my underwear the the upper middle class issues), i felt a bit of a tart. the weather was lovely though, so the jacket hardly got worn... which was probably best, considering i was already feeling a bit tender about the fact my knickers were on show.

and here's how these ladies wore it themselves...

what's your take on the short skirt/no lining issue?
am i showing my age, or do you expect some added decency in your clothing too?

the (long) weekend edition

oh my days, this long weekend was just what the doctor ordered. with friday spent checking out more potential flats (of which i have finally secured one, thank the lord above!), then stocking up on all the necessities to break my lenten fast on sunday - not before a well earned sleep in, the long weekend was certainly kicked off with gusto.

with some of the flats nearby, and my inherent hatred of unneccessary public transport, i chose to walk in the midday sun. google maps led me the short way, and the whole walk only took about 50mins tops there and back, which was not a bad way to spend some time while having to do something pretty boring. it also gave me a chance to finally get some quality time with my bff in australia by way of some great timing and the greatest invention since the internet; an internet based telephony application. 

come saturday morning, i was up and out early on with an appointment with a proper hair dresser in town on the agenda. an actual hairdresser, you guys! who was suitably hard on me when i explained how my hair got to be in the state it was in as i sat down in his chair. turns out stylists don't really appreciate home hair-cut (or dye, ahem) jobs, especially when you tell them that their disdain is the exact reason you don't go to a hairdresser anymore. he seemed pleased.

after the couple of hours spent in the multiple salon chairs for facials, head massages and deep hair treatments, i was homeward bound just before four, which left me only an hour or so to get myself readied for my big night on the town! well, that was the plan... and we all know what happens when i make plans. i was due at seven to meet louise at the white swan in islington; dinner and drinks before our night at the bingo (again!). i was a tad late - no thanks to public holiday transport disruptions, but we made up for it by guzzling a bottle of prosecco while devouring our mediocre burgers and then getting to the venue with enough time to drink more of the wine. and then all of the wine.
ah, easter sunday. the day my six-week popcorn fast came to an almighty end by way of a giant bucket of sweet and salty and a free ticket to see spiderman at the greenwich odeon. i wasn't sure i was going to make  it, with my wine buzz waking me nice and early - but nothing a few paracetemol and some juice couldn't remedy, soon enough i was falling back to my wonderful dream of dan humphrey's smooth-one-episode-heair-the-next chest and waking again a few hours later completely reformed.

my stubbornness knows no bounds, and my refusal to top up my oyster card for the bus saw me walking - in the blinding rain - to the odeon from the o2 to catch the 1pm session of spiderman. not my normal choice of film, i'll admit, but i do love me a bit of the old garfeild/stone on-screen chemistry and really, actually enjoyed the film! also really enjoyed the popcorn, but that was to be expected.

i will admit i am grateful for the busyness the weekend has offered up, but would have loved maybe just one day with no plans to spend the day in bed. but then again, that would hardly be different from how i'd normally spend the weekend, and where would the fun be in that?

how was your easter break? tell me you were keeping busy too please.

w.i.w.t | mint magic in the friday sun

dress : primark | jacket : miss selfridge | belt : thrifted | shoes : valleygirl | crown : primark

another sunny day, another couple of hours wasted viewing completely inappropriate flats. thank god for bank holiday weekends, huh. quite literally in the case of the easter weekend (if you're that way inclined, beliefs wise that is). so friday morning i was up and out, busy viewing more flats, and this time maybe even not hating it as much as the last few. one in particular which has some potential, even if the landlady is not quite what i had in mind; i suppose when i'm being as picky as i currently am being, something's gotta give, right? keep your fingers and toes all crossed that something perfect does rear its head sometimes soon.

so, because the sun was out, and the viewings were nearby in forest hill and honor oak park, i decided to walk instead of lose more of my life - and money, on and off of buses. google maps advised it would be about 33 minutes door to door. challenge accepted!.. and nailed it, in just over twenty, muhaha! 

this is the second dress like this that i own; the first is a rich purple, this one is more mint in reality but the exposure has blown it out to a grey/green. i picked it up on the way home on thursday, for the tidy sum of five pounds. i thought it deserved to be worn with my birthday shoes that have been hiding away since the australian spring, because i didn't want to ruin them, and this sweet pastel and floral denim number i picked up in the mid year sales a few years ago. actually, it was the last time my mum was here, so two years ago now!

i really hope the floral crown gave off 'adorable but tidy potential flatmate with cute shoes' vibe, because that's kind of what i was going for.