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pizza is the reason i will never be skinny, and i have absolutely made my peace with that wholly unreasonable fact. i've written about my love of pizza here many, many times before, and most recently shared with you my top five pizza joints in london. do you know how hard that post was to write, and how many taste tests and experiments i needed to complete in order to write that? i know, i'm a saint. still, that was then; this is now. because now i have been introduced to firezza - the new "social pizza experience", and i can hand on heart proclaim that my life will never be the same again.


so many of the drinks we're sold in the shops are full of nasties that can cause health problems, and preservatives that our bodies shouldn't be consuming, just to help them stay "fresher longer", or bubbly, or sweet, or whatever. but it rarely crosses my mind to find an alternative. mainly because the alternatives are often more expensive, or less tasty, or.. i'm just a fiend for the diet coke. whatever the case, i realise it's bad for me, yet i still do it.


last month i had the absolute pleasure of escaping to the seaside for a beautifully blue weekend in one of the uk's prettiest towns, appledore. bex and i jumped on the train to bristol, picked up a car there and then drove a few hours west until we hit devon's north coast - a part of the country i hadn't had the opportunity to explore before then, but somewhere that had been on my list for the longest time. mainly because of scones, if i'm honest, but once there it became obvious i'd underestimated the west country.


hi there, hello. i am about to have a moan. that doesn't happen often, because i try to keep this space fairly positive and carefree and pink and sparkly, but as i write this (probs a week before you read it), i feel none of those things. i'm sick - yet again - and it sucks (update: still sniffly). it comes after a really wonderful weekend spent with some really awesome people, and a night of work drinks where a lot of problems were solved and connections were re-made. after another couple great weekends away - with the girls, with rebekah, with a boy; a boy who's really, really great and made me feel wonderfully happy for the first time in a long time. and after the sun finally came out, the rain stopped, and summer seemed in sight. after all that, and i still managed to get sick. again.