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i am in an extremely lucky position, being able to travel this fine country of ours to its corners at the drop of a hat; i accept every offer to visit a new-to-me town that's thrown my way, never satisfied with staying home in london when i could be out exploring other parts of the united kingdom - and this past weekend was no different. this time, the offer to visit the home of hidden england was on the table, and with sun scheduled and ben in tow, i found myself on an early train out of the capital, headed an hour out of the city to lincolnshire for a country surprise. stretched across the county and its surrounds, "hidden england" aims to bring centuries-old heritage sites in to the spotlight as an integral part of english history, and promote tourism to some lesser-known towns


despite the utter failure of the last recipe post i wrote (thanks to those seven of you who read it), and purely based on the fact that i actually got to hang out in hello fresh's headquarters in shoreditch last week, i thought i'd try again. especially as after the epic spice masterclass with sabrina ghayour at the event, and the walls liiiiiined with inspiring cookbooks from all over the world in the "offices", i'm keen to get trying some more spicy combos of my own!


whether it be your dad or your dad adjacent, you should already have this father's day in hand thanks to the plethora of gifting guides already hanging around on various department store websites; rather than recycle those, let me direct you to a few you might not have considered. the one that i've been the most impressed by this year is moonpig.com.


let me tell you a story. it starts a hundred years ago, when i got my ears pierced aged 21 and then suddenly became allergic to everything on the planet. hyperbole, but close enough to truth; i had a scratch test and found out i had a skin allergy to copper and a bunch of chemicals that are in everything, and a bunch of food intolerances. it sucked, but was easy enough to manage: don't wear cheap jewellery, don't eat onion, use chemical-free body wash et al. job done, ish, for some time. until fast forward a few years and i was living in new zealand, and i was getting head colds, sinus infections, and rashes on my body all the freaken time. the doctor then, after serious inspection, determined i also had a physical allergy, this time though, to something in the air. sadly, he wasn't able to be more specific than that, and i was prescribed nasal spray for daily relief, and the suggestion to "maybe move out of the city" in case it was pollution. eventually, i did.