w.i.w.t | they call me mellow yellow

jacket : just jeans | dress c/o sammy dress | shoes : mr p | crown : primark | tote c/o alibi

this is supposed to be a maxi dress; and according to the sammydress website it is also supposed to be 94cm across the bust - which i should definitely be able to fit in, and comfortably too, yet for some reason... this dress, does not fit. when i tried it on i just about heard the seams under the bust all but rip, and watched the fabric stretch to a point that you could see white through the colour. disappointed is not the word i would use, probably more 'expected', as i don't seem to have much luck with the online dress buying. but, when you follow the size guide and still get led on, well... i was very disappointed.

especially because how cute does this outfit loooook? and this weekend was so bright and sunny i was really looking forward to getting it on and watching it billow around me feet. but nope. no such billowing happened, well, not in this number anyway. it's a good thing i know a few teeny tiny people who might just enjoy this dress themselves, because then at least i will have the opportunity to watch it billow on someone...

online shopping huh... what a nightmare!

there was a cake event. i went.

in between the morning spent mooching at borough and the afternoon's terror in the sky, there was a wee jaunt eastward on saturday, to the excel centre in the docklands. why? was it to register for the london marathon with the other hundred thousand, slightly more svelte attendees? no, no it was not. was it to attend the casual world of warcraft, middle-aged-and-balding-man affair? again, no, it wasn't. i was there - at least, i thought i was there, because i was under the presumption that there would be free cake. nicola had scored some free tickets to cake international; the sugarcraft, cake decorating and baking show, and i got to be her lucky +1 on the day.

we casually made our way there along the south bank and across tower bridge, jumping on the dinky toy train at tower gateway, docklands bound. not before being mesmerised by tom daley's abs at twenty paces, and then conversing with a complete and total stranger (adult, male, possibly straight) about how amazing the abs were, and how they did in fact deserve their own tv show. those abs though! regardless of the abs, we were keen for cake, and i think nicola was hopeful she'd take some new skills away from the event. we were anticipating masterclasses, taste testing, demonstrations, and most definitely cupcakes to take away for our desert later!

ohhh myyyy goddd; it was such a bust. we were a mere twelve steps inside the door before the realisation hit and it had dawned on us what we had just walked into... that's right ladies and gents, we'd casually made our way into a flippen trade event. a wholesalers delight! providing nothing of which was of any help your friendly neighbourhood kitchen bakes or... me, the person wanting to just eat some goddamn cake. because you know what was worse than all of what i just wrote? there was zero cake! 

there was none to eat, there were none to buy. the only cakes that were present at the event were the ones in the competition classes. and they were all so fricken amazingly crafted, that you tended to forget that they were actually made of cake. i was trapped inside a tin can full of baked goods, and i wasn't allowed to touch any of them, let alone eat them! i wandered, blown away by the creativity and intricacy of the ribboned creations, but ultimately pretty bloody pissed off that i purposefully bypassed all the cake stands at the market, choosing to save myself for this event, just to (repeating myself) be left wanting.

we barely put half an hour in to wandering around the event before deciding to bail for the lure of home made pizza, a bottle of wine and... well, you know what happened next. i gotta say, as much as the event wasn't what we were expecting, and i was pretty sulky about the lack of edible cake, it was an incredible offering of creativity, ingenuity and bloody hard work. the amount of time and effort that went into each and every one of those competition pieces was truly impossible, and i applaud every single person who entered - whether they won, placed or were lucky enough to have even have their creations make it in one piece to the show.

i take my hat off to everyone who takes baking that seriously. you're incredibly clever.
now, where's my cake bitches?

w.i.w.t | fifty shades of pink

cardigan : primark | dress + shoes : new look | necklace : etsy

sooo, of all the pictures i took of this outfit, no two show the cardigan as the same shade. it's really closest in colour to the last picture - which was the only reason i included it, because in the other pictures it seems really coral - almost red, and... what's my point? oh yeah, that it's pink. which i why i wore it with this dress, because of the way it perfectly compliments the pale pink fans and japanese print, and not because it's red and i like to break rules. although... no, i don't.

i wore this out to dinner around liz's on sunday, where i ate the best roast i've had in sooooo forever long, that i had to a) adjust the belt once, an b) remove the belt once so that i could eat more of the food. after the second serve of potatoes we sat back and watched this is the end - which i had never seen before, but will definitely, definitely watch again because it was fricken hilaaaaaarious. hilarious!

have you seen the film? go and do it now!

terrified on the emirates air line

this, ladies and gentlemen, is the amazing view you'll get aboard the emirates air line, if you're ever crazy enough to choose to board it to cross the river rather than take the safer - more underground alternative. which - if you need to make the decision, definitely take the safer, more underground alternative. especially if it's super windy and there are kids in the line with you. because the kids will bang on the windows and run from one seat to the other while the wind blows the cabin so hard that you can feel the breeze up your skirt and are too terrified to lean against anything in case the windows break and you fall out. into the river. or worse, into the car park on the way back down to safety.

i was unfortunate enough to not have had this information prior to boarding the cable car from hell on saturday, so consider this a public service announcement. 

you're welcome.

the weekend edition

as has become my new weekend tradition, this past saturday i headed off to borough market nice and early (after another horrid flat viewing) to meet the girls in the line at monmouth. after the always-well-worth-it wait in the line for the always-goes-down-far-too-easy coffee, we took a quick stroll through the already-packed markets, eyes only for the mushroom pate and the fresh-to-the-point-of-somehwat-mouldy berries. oh, and the booze. always the booze! we chatted (and took sooooooooooooo ooooo oooo many pictures) as we wandered the hot food choices, torn between the many, many options, and ending up losing each other in the midst of the decision making. lunch eaten, we parted ways so nicola and i could head off on our afternoon adventure; east london bound, to the baking show on at the excel centre....

which actually turned out to be a bit off a wash out. more on that another day though. after the event we wandered back towards greenwich, and instead of taking the sensible and safe and more... underground option, we foolishly chose to go across the water, a zillion metres in the sky, on the emirates cable car of horror. it was... terrifying. i do not recommend anyone taking that option if they are even the slightest bit afraid of heights. or, death.

when we eventually got back to nicola's flat - emergency nerve-calming wine in hand, we were quick to open and devour our own body weight in pate and home-made bread before grabbing our glasses of wine and heading out to a measley patch of grass in her car park for a spot of diy. nicola's in the midst of girl-i-fying her flat that her and her wee daughter share, and i was there to help by way of painting some new ikea furniture. it was amidst the painting we realised we had some company; not only the were all of the street brats from around the dulwich area keen to help us 'spray paint the cars so we can clean them for money' (genius idea, brats!), but we were also joined by a casual cul-de-sac fox, in the middle of a newly built estate. so random. at least the fox gave the brats something to do for the next twenty minutes. all we could hear down the street was, "he's gone this way! let's get him!". ah bless, the kids of today.

painting aside, we settled in for the rest of the wine before i had the absolutely foolish thought of telling nic how i would arrange her house for more kid-friendly space. in a matter of ten minutes we'd de-headed her bed and moved so much furniture around in her house, that it was looking so much for kid-friendly and spacious! i wonder if nic regretted doing that when she woke up on sunday morning in her new room. a haha. after the wee relocation event, i totally made her make me pizza, before heading off to get the bus home. i've never been so happy to see my pjs than after an afternoon of total diy rescue and terror in the air.

how was your saturday? as cray cray as mine? tell me things!