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despite ranting about how much embroidered stuff there is in new look at the moment, i now own a piece of it, in fact, i was in-store collecting it when i made the observation about all the embroidered stuff. isn't it ironic; don't you think? well, whatever you think, the fact remains that i'm a massive hypocrite who ought to be ashamed of herself, but can't be, because i now own a totally gorgeous embroidered jumper that makes me feel all pretty and ethereal and nothing at all like ashamed when i wear it. so where does that leave us, huh?


gin is a relatively new discovery for me; in australia we're big wine and beer drinkers, less so with the spirits. less so still with the posh spirits like gin. so it's been only since i moved here that i've been on that hype, and let me tell you this: gin is now my jam. tonic, not so much. i find tonic too bitter for my delicate palette, so prefer my gin in a cocktail, or with something sweet like elderflower to make it more drinkable. so when i heard about the specially designed gin cocktail menu at the newest cocktail bar on the scene - bloom, in king's cross, i made plans.


as in, killing it until it dies an untimely death. i'm not very trend-driven and i don't usually buy into fashion "hype", knowing it will no doubt be gone in a few months, not to return for another twenty years, but i was willing to give embroidery a try. and not least of all because boho is my go-to trend for summer, and embroidery screams "boho" to me, but.. new look have gone too far!