w.i.w.t | strawberries + custard

crown + belt : primark | dress c/o lavish alice | bag : asos | necklace*: dorothy perkins | shoes*: bhs

bruises, bruises, everywhere! i honestly don't know where half of the bruises on my body come from, but considering i discovered the majority of these on saturday morning, well it's fair to say they were probably alcohol induced. it doesn't take much at all for me to bruise, so i am at a loss.

when this dress arrived from lavish alice, i did a little happy dance around the room. it's the most perfect shade of bubblegum pink - as the name suggests, and so is now going to be my forever wednesday-dress. the cut of it is a bit weird, or maybe it's the wrong size. that's definitely a possibility, a lot of my things have started being a little looser in the places (not intentional) lately, and i kinda don't like the look of this belted. i wore this outfit on saturday (sans floral crown and avec footless tights cos i'm not brave) to musical bingo, but left the belt at home. 

i think the cut of the dress kind of creates the illusion of shape when there maybe isn't any - particularly under the bust where i am forever cinching things in, this has a dart seam that runs down under the bust which *should* draw it in - given it being the right size. so, who knows. what i do know is that it is all kinds of perfect; let's look at the facts: 1) it has sleeves to keep bingo wings in check, 2) it has a v-neck for the flattering but not gratuitous boob shot (collarbones make me look skinny, but really it's just that my boobs are so heavy they drag all the skin down south), 3) pink, duh, 4) perfect box pleats that almost have me take off when i spin (and, there was spinning on saturday night to evidence that). plus it's just hit the sales too, so it's a measly £16 from £42! that's 5) a massive bargain.

and you all know how i feel about bargains.

the weekend edition

so, friday was my last day at work before starting my new job today. as is the tradition, a last day in a job almost certainly calls for some sort of commiseratory after work drinks, which almost always ends in tears. well, a good friday night out normally ends with me in tears, but i was on such fine form; i'd gotten through the whole last day, the amazing leaving poem my friends and colleagues had written for me and read aloud to the whole floor, and my unprepared little thank you speech after being presented with some wee parting gifts too (the new daisy dream by marc jacobs! oooh aaah). during all of that, i wasn't sad. i was glad that it was all coming to an end so well. i said all my goodbyes and headed to the pub to promptly get pissed with my mates.

hours in, i was still fine. bleary eyed, yes, but fine. it wasn't until my line manager got up to say goodbye as she was leaving, that i completely lost my shit. the waterworks didn't stop after that, but... who can blame me? it's supposed to be a sad thing, leaving a job. and i'm bloody scared about what's next, so it's only right i have a few feels about it all at the moment.

so, saturday morning was tough. i... don't know how i got home, but i did. i am almost positive i was trying to execute ninja-like moves to ensure i was quiet as a church mouse so as to not disturb my flatmate who i suspect was asleep, but failed miserable. i even remember turning my radio on when i got in? circa midnight? who does that. me, apparently. so yeah, apologies to my flatmate nicola for that sorry state of affairs. i stayed in bed much longer than necessary, then... put a load of washing on? adulting: you're doing it right. by about 1pm i'd realised i hadn't eaten food since lunch the day before (editor retracts the previous adulting comment), so had a shower and left the house in search of food.

while out in the sunshine i made the impulse decision to get a pedicure - to treat onesself, too, so ended up sitting in a comfy chair for another hour while a little asian man went to town on my talons. ahhh, it was beautiful watching him work. a couple hours later i was fresh as a daisy, polished, primed and ready to head out again to back it up and hit the town with another bunch of incredible people. hopefully no more tears.
about half past four i wanted to quit life because it was so goddamn hot, and there's just no respite from the heat. knowing i had to meet people in an hour and a bit in islington, i gave in and headed for the train early, knowing that the overground is almost always frostily air conditioned, and even if it meant i was way too early, it also meant i would be far less hot -- a compromise i was totally happy to have made. it was a rookie error wearing my fringe down, i'm telling you. you'd think after years of having this thing on my forehead, i'd know when to call it a day...

i met carmen and amy around 6pm at the white swan in inslington, where we planned to eat and drink and be merry before we headed across the road for out big party plans; another night out at musical bingo! this would make it my... fourth? i think? maybe fourth including gospeloke... i can't keep track, but either way, it was these girls' first time at the rodeo. i was so excited, but could tell they were a little apprehensive... people are when they don't know what to expect. hint: expect an incredible time.

so, with my resolve to cut out red meat full-time (have i told you this yet? i don't know. it makes me sick), and try to avoid chicken unless i've prepared it myself, it really limited my options. i've always though, oh being vegetarian can't be that hard (options wise - i get a lot of them are extra fussy because of the ethics of it all, which isn't why i'm doing this. and there's no judgement here; everyone just do you, yeah?), but when scanning the menu for the vege options, i was limited to... salad, or pasta. and, the pasta that i wanted had onions in it that couldn't be taken out. so, that left me with one salad option (that i could have outside of other dietary restrictions... you guys, my life is hard); the freedom salad. it had cous cous in it, which filled it out a bit, but... salads are not the one when you're planning to drink.

within the hour, our threesome had become a seven-some, with the addition of davinia, ani, nat and cat, and then an hour on still, another four joined the party and we headed over to the garage for the party!

it was stinking hot. there was no air, and no respite. and it was only going to get worse. we ordered our drinks, took our (reserved! wahoo, vip baby!) seats, and waiting. the first round kicked off with the infamous 'queens of pop' round, which saw us belting out incredible renditions of 'eternal flame', 'crazy in love', turn back time', and many many more. there were confetti cannons. there were glow in the dark bracelets. there was a dash to the bathroom to pin my fringe up and out of my face. this was only an hour in. the girls whose first time it was at bingo were having the time of their lives, just as i knew they would.

next round was karaoke classics, which could only mean one thing; it was singalong time! what's incredible about the whole musical bingo affair, is that no-one's there to show off, to pull, to pick up - everyone is there to have a fun night out, and let loose, and so when the first few bars of 'bohemian rhapsody' came on, everyone in the room - all 200 of us, got to our feet and belted it out at the top of our voices. falsetto. tenors. head banging. the whole opera. saturday night's aren't really like this, are they?

another hour in, and there was carmen, on stage, singing 'creep' into the microphone, flanked on all sides by sexy burlesque dancers, showered in confetti, and applauded by the masses. she's even on the musical bingo instagram, if you follow them (do, if you're in london, then come to the next one!), and considering not three hours earlier i'm sure she was trying to get out of going, i'm going to call that a win and announce that my work here is done.

i turned the gothic princess into a musical bingo goddess for one night.
i am legend.

the end of an era

yesterday was the last day in the first job I had here in the uk. I've not really spoken a lot about my job on here (until recently), and mostly because there was not a lot to say. it's not a job I studied toward, one I applied for myself, nor a job I knew existed until I was in it. what it was originally was a means to an end; make the money, spend the money (alternate: save the money). well, I got really, really lucky in this job. not by any means because of the work I do (although the company does some really great things in the grand scheme of the music industry, I aint talking about that), but because of the all of the amazing things; things I will miss, and never miss, in equal measure.

the last almost-four years in that office have absolutely flown by. I have made some amazing friends and some tremendous enemies in that time, gained and lost a boyfriend, watched colleagues come and go, wonder how long the green ones would last, put bets on who'd be hooking up with who by the end of the Christmas party, and been drunk and hungover at my desk, hidden behind a giant mug of coffee too many times to count. I've written and recited more birthday poems that I care to remember, attended my fair share of comms days just for the free booze and posh platters, sat and watched more YouTube clips during the working day under the pretence of 'autonomous work' than I knew was humanly possible, and been introduced to my one true love; BuzzFeed.

I've worked hard and hardly worked in equal measure, sure. but the one thing I won't ever begrudge that job was all of the opportunities that it gave me; like, beyond giving me the opportunity to make money, that is. and don't misunderstand - I worked hard for a long time there. but I've also not worked so hard of late, and that's certainly allowed me to work harder on other things; like this blog. I spend a lot of my work day commenting, replying to emails, writing content, editing, coming up with ideas... I had a lot of spare time at hand in that job, and maybe because of that, this blog is now how it is.

this blog is largely why I got my new job, and I definitely have my old job to thank for that. without all that spare time to focus on something I loved doing (while being paid to do something I was pretty good at but was mostly bored by), I wouldn't be starting an incredible new adventure on Monday. I am scared. terrified! I hate being the new girl - loath the unknown. I'm incredibly anxious that they'll discover I'm a fraud and that I will bomb in the new role, but at the same time, I'm so damn excited to finally be starting a new chapter in my life and sealing this one shut.

this year has been tough; in work and out. but mostly in. I won't miss all the bullshit, that's for sure. I'm not naïve enough to think that bullshit is isolated to that one job, and am sure there will be a fair amount of it in the new one too. but at least I'll have the luxury of ignorance for a while.

wish me luck guys - I really think I'm going to need it!

it's a filofax afair

 filofax personal organiser c/o filofax | everything else : poundland | washi tapes : wilkos

i love stationery. there's no point hiding that fact, because get me anywhere near a paperchase or smiggle or hybrid craft/stationery shop like the works, and you've lost for the day. my personal stash of stationery is (usually; a lot didn't make the cut in the great move) really quite extensive, and even at work, my desk drawers are the drawers where all stationery seem to come to die. i have one of all the things, and the facilities department have had to question me on the quantity of my order... more than once. 

the one piece of organisational stationery that has always escaped me over the years though, is the filofax. starting this new job (today's my last day!) seemed to call for a new and improved, and possibly and even more organised erica, and so when the good folks at filofax came knocking with an organiser of my very own, well... who was i to resist? there was a catch though, as there always is. with the filofax came the challenge of pimping it out to the best of my ability, and then letting the filofax fans over on facebook choose their favourite entries to win even more of the filofax things. moar of the things! let's do this...

so, with a few days until payday, i knew that heading into paperchase would be a biiiiig mistake, so instead i headed for poundland on saturday. i had seen a few sticky bits and pieces in there before when i was looking for something else (probably stationery, let's be honest), so i thought i'd try my luck. i already had a few rolls of washi tape at home from when i was decorating my new room, and thankfully they were the right colour to coordinate with the organiser. not sure if just coincidence, but how happy do you reckon i was when i opened my parcel and saw they'd sent me a pink filofax?... very.

sadly, ye olde poundland came up kind of empty on the old scrap booking supplies front. i was able to pick up a few packs of glitter gel (duh) pens and some sharpie highlighters, as well as some ticky tacky clippy things and some neon post-it notes ("uhm, i invited post-its"). i hoped that combined with the washi tape at home, i would be able to fashion something quite 'pimped' out of that lot.

ok, so not quite as good as i had hoped, but ya know what... not bad for a first attempt, right? man alive i adore those glitter pens though, they're going to the new job with me for sure. look at the glitter! amazing! after a while of sticking tape on things and cutting papers out and sticking stuff in, i kinda got hooked on just filling out the important dates i have coming up - namely, my last day of work, the next night of musical bingo with the girlies this weekend, a trip to brighton pride on the 2nd of august, and -- the best date of them all -- my birthday holiday to austria with bex on august 27. 

so flippen excited for that one; it's been atop my travel bucket list for so so so sos osoososoos long, and finally, it's now booked, paid for, and actually happening. (oh, and there's my thirtieth marked in there too, let's not forget that... ok, let's). so, all in all, i had a fun hour or so trying to pimp my new organiser, and i'm fairly happy with the results! is it likely to win, well... i doubt that a lot. but, winning's not everything, right? it's the participating that counts. right? right.

so tell me, which picture should i submit to the prying eyes of the filofax fans?
leave your answers in the comments please!

w.i.w.t | leather + lace + legs (+ a promotion!)

crown : crown + glory | pandora leather bracelet + rings c/o joshua james | dress c/o walG | shoes : primark

holy short skirt batman! i took these pictures on saturday, a.k.a the hottest day known to man, and the thought of putting tights on underneath this royal blue number from walG made we want to cry. so instead, you get more bare legged erica snaps to gawk over - lucky you! i would nevvvvvvver, ever, ever wear this dress outside of the confines of my room without tights though, trust me, because it is far too short and so very unladylike... even though lace basically equals demure. right?

on the subject of ladylike, check me out; upping my sparkly things game, thanks to pandora once again! the newest addition to my sparkly-things-collection comes in the form of this pink and girly leather bracelet from joshua james, and is my newest favourite accessory (did i already say that about the rings last time? probably. doesn't make it any less true though)! remember how i said i haaaaaate hate hate wearing things on my wrists? well, cue my dear friend carl over at jj suggesting i try something a little less 'fitted' and see if that makes a difference to my psychosomatic (my words, not his - hi carl!) fear of having my circulation cut off.

wouldn't you know it, the guy knows his jewellery because if anything, i find this version of the bracelet - with the double loop - almost a little too big (nothing more charms won't fix, amiriiight?) now. i did over compensate and get the biggest size though (because of the mental thing), but reckon in hindsight that the medium size might be perfect for my gentile wrists to survive comfortably without fear of suffocation. i adore the little bow and love heart charms that have kick-started my new charm collection (it's still a sore point, but carl is clearly helping me work through my issues)(good lad); it's going to be tough to decide on the next one to join the litter... there's just too many!

so, after the amount of you swooning over the stacker rings from a few weeks ago (oooh, aaaah), the good folks at pandora and joshua james have a little something something to make all your christmases come at once; from today until this sunday (27th july), with any pandora purchase over £75 you will now receive a single leather bracelet for free! spend over £85 on pandora bling, and you'll receive a double leather bracelet, like mine, for free! and, spend more than £95 on any pandora products and you will receive a triple leather bracelet... you guessed it; for free! you even get to choose your colour! how exciting for yoooou.

so, tell me... what are you buying?