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ever since i picked up my fabulous pineapple tea dress by sugarhill boutique back in april, i have been obsessed with the fruity print. this season's 'club tropicana' vibe has me swooning on almost every website i visit, and what's now with the sugarhill sale - and that adorable watermelon print dress, well there's nothing stopping me wanting to buy all the fruity things!

these are just a few of my faves from around the internet, but it's going to be a struggle to leave that watermelon dress in the basket where it currently lives...

what's your go-to summer print?

w.i.w.t | polkadotty for apricotty... part two

skirt c/o apricot bag shoes : new look | shirt : primark

earlier today i shared my favourite outfit to date - well, that was until i was putting the polka dot shirt back in its drawer and came across this polka dot tee i used to wear to the gym, and remembered the cork heels i'd bought last week with the laser cut tote. lolz! now i can't quite decide which of the two outfits - or rather, which pair of shoes, i like better.

help a sister out, cast your votes below!

w.i.w.t | polkadotty for apricotty... part one

this is officially my favourite outfit of all time. i've had this skirt from apricot hanging in my wardrobe for ~weeks (after i featured a diff colour version of it in a wishlist recently), praying for the crease around the middle to drop out, waiting for the right inspiration to come along. i already knew i had the right shoes for it, but i was undecided about what i'd team it with up top.

and then over the weekend i was tidying my room and i found this shirt. i've had it for years, and it's been living in the bottom of a drawer since last summer - at least. i loved the idea of clashing both the polka dot prints, and hoped that the shirt would make the outfit a little more casual than what it seems otherwise; the skirt is so well made, and so delicate considering it's just a cotton blend, but with the sheer patterned layer it's so bloody pretty.

skirt c/o apricot | bag + shoes : new look | shirt : primark

do the shoes seem familiar? yes yes, i also have them in black. i found the yellow ones in the sale a few weeks back, and knowing how comfy the black ones were, i knew i had to have these too. even if i had absolutely nothing to wear them with at the time, because... what ~doesn't yellow go with? they sure as heckers go with this skirt, and i cannot compute how perfect it's all come together.

in keeping with the complete polka dot theme, my new laser cut tote (also wished for a few weeks ago) seemed more than appropriate, right? i am one hundred percent smitten with this whole outfit, and looking forward to wearing it... as soon as the sun comes back out.

or - you know - someone takes me somewhere fun to wear this?

on reflection.

i'll be 31 this year. when i tell people my age, their response is normally shock, which kind of makes me feel great. i don't feel my age - whatever that means, i guess their response means i don't 'look' my age either, again, whatever that means. yes yes, age is but a number, sure, but it is also, ya know... an indication of how long you've been alive and lived on this planet. which, by my calculation, puts me exactly at 31. and lately, i've started seeing 'the change' in my skin that people talk about when they're starting to worry about their age. and it sucks.

when i was a teenager, i had great skin. never wore *real* make up, just a lot of glitter and lipgloss, and only really got the occasional hormonal spot.  after school when i went to work and started living as a young adult, my whole world changed - when my skin did. adult acne from the stress of life, from my mental health, from working three jobs, it all added up and left me with horrible skin. not just 'spots' but like those horrible lumpy boils that lie under the surface of your skin, waiting for the most inopportune time to erupt through your otherwise flawless skin and ruin your life.

i picked the spots until they bled. i packed on the make up to hide the scars. i hid in my room on my days off, and added hours to my morning routine to ensure i was suitable for public consumption every day. was it in my head? i think the scarring i now have on my skin would do as evidence, but sure - it probably seemed a lot worse at the time, when i was trying to impress boys, i worked as "the face of a company", and i had to smile and serve customers all day long while i felt absolutely disgusting. it seemed pretty bad at the time.

over time i've perfected a skin "care" (if you can call it that) routine that suits my skin; it lacks oils so i don't get greasy and lacks soaps so i don't dry out. it's a careful balance, but one i've settled on - with a combination of that and the pill that manages the hormonal element, and i'd kind of thought that was that. but now, my skin is a lot older than it used to be, and it's starting to show. i'm seeing fine lines start to appear, i'm noticing a loss in elasticity, i'm sensing a bit of a sag in my bitchy resting face. when i see candid snaps of me, or ones where i'm super animated or pulling a face, i kind of want to crawl into a hole and die.

extreme? maybe. but, it's got me thinking about *next steps*. a couple of my friends have had the old botox done. i'm not a fan of needles, and the horror stories you hear about the treatments have me all a bit ~nope over it, so that's off the table. anti-ageing creams - in my opinion, are just a marketing ploy - i don't really know if i believe a cream has all the answers. especially one that contains all the things i've tried to keep off my face for the last ten years. so.. what else is there? enter omniya london.

i'd never considered facials as a form of ongoing skin care; i suppose i'd always considered them a *cosmetic* or luxury treatment, and i guess, in a way, that's exactly what they are. whereas i'd happily shell out for a massage or for my nails to get done, or to have my hair cut or coloured, i ~apparently don't rate my skin as something worthy of clinical and expert care. colour me foolish! with the offer of a signature facial too good to refuse (thanks to the cynic slash tight bitch in me), i headed along on tuesday night to the knightsbridge clinic to see what the fuss was all about.

my therapist debbie took me through to her suite and asked me about the state of my life. i confessed to not drinking a lot of water, drinking a lot of wine, and having a pretty good diet. that i didn' sleep well, was always busy, and don't properly clean or moisturise my face. to my surprise, i wasn't kicked out on the spot, rather she assured me that it wasn't too late to start looking after my face, and that she'd have a proper looky and see what was up with my skin. i undressed my top half, and made myself comfortable on the bed, ready for the repair, restore and replenish treatment to begin. i was told that the treatment - which debbie devised herself for the omniya clinic, would combine her expert touch with an advanced led phototherapy, used to enhance the results of the high potency skinceuticals products she'd be using. fancy words that meant literally nothing to me. open minded, i was excited to relax!

the treatment began with a double cleanse then a micropolish to get rid of all the dead skin. sounds good, huh. she was gentle but firm on my face and neck, and i rather enjoyed the lush massage of the products into my skin, especially with the steam machine pumping warm air all over me! eventually all the gunk was washed away with warm towels, and was replaced with a light gel peel. i had visions of a red-faced kardashian leaving the clinic, but was quickly reassured that wouldn't be the case with this peel as at 20% it would be very gentle on the skin. it tingled a lot, but not in a stingy way, which was weird but good. a few minutes later, that too was removed and we were on to the next.

a customised vitamin c firming masque was applied, and debbie explained the next step would involve the light therapy. i don't know why, but this to me sounded like... light as in gentle, not light as in lights. bright ones. the led lamp was brought over my face and head - kind of like the space helmet they put you in at the hairdresser, and while it was turned off debbie explained that the lights would be bright, a bit shocking, but definitely not dangerous to the eyes or skin. i assumed there'd be eye shades, but again, was reassured there was no need, and my eyes would adjust. keen to try anything and to keep the lush treatment going (and looking forward to the deep tissue massage that accompanied the treatment), i prepared myself and away we went.

and my god, it was bright. brighter than anything i'd ever experienced before, and if i'm completely honest, it threw me off almost instantly. my heart started racing, i started breathing heavily, and cried out to debbie that i needed her to stop. in about thirty seconds, i'd undone all the goodness of the last twenty minutes, and was sat up in debbie's suite mid-panic attack, crying uncontrollably, and demanding to not be put back under the machine. she was shocked, to say the least. it was a first for both of us, i'd say; me, panic attacks normally come in the comfort of my own home, and her, not used to freaked out and crying patients on her bed.

so um yeah, we didn't carry on with the light therapy. because that's what's used to supercharge the vitamin c masque, debbie kind of just had no choice but to wipe that away with the warm towels and apply a calming and hydrating b5 gel to my hot and blotchy face while i sorted myself out and came back down to earth. and then she was forced to call it a day; with twenty minutes left of the treatment because of my refusal to try the light therapy, we were at an impasse. she left me to dress, and i was a tad disappointed at her reaction to my reaction. this treatment (when released properly in september) costs £250, and i would have expected an alternate ending to it in that circumstance, rather than a complete halt half way through it. 

nevertheless, the first half of the treatment was incredibly relaxing, and i could ~totally understand why women around the world, of all ages, opt for facials as part of their regular regime. i actually haven't been put off, at all, by this experience. if anything, i'd be keen to try *again* - just not with the light therapy. i think with a professional therapist like debbie in charge of my skin, i have every chance at regaining the elasticity and moisture that it has seemingly lost from years of neglect.

at the end of the day, i am ~only thirty, and age is but a number. and i have another sixty years to get old-looking, right? what are your anti-ageing tips and tricks? are you a facials kinda gal? tell me!

*thank you to omniya and debbie for the invitation to review this treatment*

w.i.w.t | sense + sennheiser

chocolate brown sennheiser headphones c/o john lewis

the struggle for good headphones is real. the ones that come with the phone - albeit portable, are pretty crap quality, get into a tangled mess in the bottom of your bag, and never, ever stay the colour they're meant to for long. they get pulled out of your ear by passer-byers, the buds inevitably fall apart, and you're always left wondering where your next pair will come from.

late last year i invested in a good pair of headphones. they were pretty, clean, over-the-ear jobbies, and they were ~going to be the best piece of audio tech that i ever owned. well. while they ~were pretty, and they were incredibly light to carry, they were in no way portable, not very good quality, or noise cancelling *at all*, meaning that every man and his dog heard my incredibly loud taste in commuter music, or i heard every ridiculous conversation on the tube ever had, every damn day.

before long, they were retired and replaced with another cheap pair of buds that could be thrown in my handbag with ease, never to offend another commuter's delicate ears again; we all know they never, ever go loud enough for anyone else to hear. so when i was offered a pair of the sennheiser momentum headphones from john lewis to try out on my commute, i was dubious.

not least of all because they're chocolate brown, and if there's ever been a colour that's less me than brown, i've yet to meet it, but also because i did wonder how - other than the incomparable price difference (these bad boys retail for £169.95), these would be any different from the last pair i had, last seen lying - discarded - in a pile of chocolate (oh ha ha, very good) wrappers on my chest of drawers. to the internet i went, keen to learn what i was potentially missing out on.

for starters, they fold away. each of the ear speakers folds in on themselves for easy packing and handbag storage. they even come in a posh little cloth bag, which i totally did not take a photo off, but you can certainly believe me about, and, the spec on the website also advised me on what i had hoped these headphones would afford me: total noise cancellation. no such luck sadly, but they come pretty close! i'm less worried about me hearing outside noises, and more worried about others hearing my amazing commuter music.

so i opened the box briefly at work, plugged them in and said to chloe "tell me when you can hear something", then sat there slowly turning the music up going "now? now? what about now?" and 99% of the time, she said no. only when i had the music on its loudest setting (don't, you will go deaf) could she hear the music.

dress + parka : primark | belt : vintage | boots*: asos | bag c/o george at asda | plaster cast c/o the nhs

the other instantly-noticeable difference between these and my others is that they are so much more comfortable around the ears. the speakers are doubly-padded with a soft foam, and then covered in a soft fabric, making them totally ear-friendly - when the music's not turned up too loud, that is. and when it is, the quality is beyond exceptional. after using the standard kit for so long, it's ridiculous what music can actual sound like on the go. perfect surround sound at my fingertips? amazing stuff.

and you know what i decided about the chocolate brown fabric? it's actually not too bad. it's almost the same colour as my hair, so the headphones like, totally blend in to my person, which is hilarious. the brown also gave me an excuse to use my new tote bag and pull an old favourite out of the wardrobe - an outfit that garnered me enough compliments on sunday for me to know i did the right thing by wearing it. even if i had to pair my ridiculous rain coat with it because this stupid cast won't fit in any other jackets, and it was chucking it down all day on sunday. sensible me is sensible!

so all in all. the sennheiser momentum's are definitely a welcomed addition to my music kit, and i am looking forward to testing them on the general public this week. what do you use?