because it's pancake day

what started out as a purge of luxury ingredients before forty days of 'almsgiving', has been turned into another of those hallmark days where consumerism wins once again, and the world is encouraged to eatallthepancakes! hey, i ain't mad, i love pancakes as much as the next person; from the tender age of... well, really young, i'd mastered and memorised the recipe for edmond's pikelets (kiwi/australian recipe for mini-pancakes) and was sure that if my mum died, i'd be ok because i could live entirely on them, happily (except r.i.p. mum!), until the end of days.

these days though? i don't nearly eat enough pancakes. so, in the week as my instagram and bloglovin' and twitter feeds are inundated with allofthepancakerecipes, there was one in particular that called for only two ingredients: one banana and two eggs. now that seemed like a challenge i was not prepared to overlook. bonus points for being toooootally healthy, too.

now, i managed to mess up a betty crocker shake-and-make pancake mixture last year, so i had zero expectations of making this "recipe" actually work. i use "quotation marks" there because, would you call the advice to "blend one banana and two eggs for two minutes, and pour into a pan on medium heat until brown" a recipe? no, me either. still, i had prepared myself for another cock-up, and readied myself for the disappointing realisation that my cooking skills were regressing to pre-teenage when all i could muster was cinnamon toast or boiled eggs... at a stretch.

so colour me surprised when the first attempt - the one usually destined for ritual sacrifice to the pagan gods, was successful. and by successful, i mean legitimately a success. it was not under or over done, it was not stuck and burnt to the pan at any point, it did not bubble or squeal, or look like pig slop on a plate. it was the epitome of the perfect pancake, and the best part: it was actually delicious. in my happy excitement, i managed to recreate that perfection another five times - that's right, two eggs and one banana made six medium-sized pancakes, that i threw some maple syrup on and devoured in about four minutes flat. worth. every. mouthful.

happy pancake day, world!

(the post was originally published in february last year, but.. still relevant!)

some happy things (new link up!)

last week my good pal jasmin charlotte launched her very own happiness link up, and it was great fun to join in with a few of my happy things too. if you have something to add, or need a little pick me up, head over to her weekly link up every monday to check out all the happy things that have been going on around the bloggersphere. until then, here's what's been making me happy this week:

we made it to february: and i kicked off the month by not stopping. literally. i helped ring in february with beer, and tacos with an old pal who i hadn't seen in months; we talked upcoming travel plans, career challenges, buying houses, and all of that adult junk before getting blinding drunk and eating our weight in mexican food. mondays: done right.

spring is in the air: the mornings have been less cold; the afternoons have been brighter and longer.; there are pink blossoms appearing on the trees, and there have been bluer skies more often. this is a good enough sign that winter is almost done with us. almost. walking to work and not freezing to death is rather novel these days.

fresh as a daisy: i have been wearing my new scent - marc jacobs daisy sorbet daily since it arrived the week before last. i've wanted it for my mj collection for months, but being that i never buy myself fancy things, it's eluded me. well, no longer! it's definitely more sweetly floral than the others, and already a favourite.

half baked: mike made blueberry cheesecake brownies for us on wednesday. i'll just leave that there.

belgo-ing crazy for asparagus: i was lucky enough to be invited to the re-launch of belgo holborn last week, which meant a crazy night of sampling belgian craft beers, dining on incredible belgian dishes with a british twist, and trying to down one epic yard glass of belgain amber ale. for starters we were treated to cheesey croquettes and garlic prawns, before moving on to moulés done two ways: classiqué in white wine, leeks and cream, and then secondly in a broth of green chillies, lemongrass and lime. utter lip smacking goodness. there were frittes to mop up any messes, but i could easily have dined on moules alone i think. but then. then came the main: one lobster mornay with beschamel sauce, one tender beef served with asparagus. asparagus! i'd never tried it, but now i love it! how have i gone 31 years and never had asparagus. dear mum, you have some answering to do. dessert was waffles, natch, but in between these courses was bier, bier and more bier - and at one point, even shots of belgain chocolate liqueur. i mean, i've been to belgium, but i don't remember it being that fun. things i learned that night: holborn goes off on a wednesday, asparagus is the tits, and i want to go back to belgium. 

biscuits and baes and art: arrrrt because i'm such cultchaaaaaaaa. the squad and i headed into central on thursday night for the launch of lumas art gallery's latest exhibition: art now. i will go into some more detail later in the week, but it was night four for me on the trot, and i was just so tired and down and not looking forward to going out, but within seconds of seeing these girls' smiling faces, i was right back to where i should be. i am so lucky to have found my soulmates, and to get to hang out with them in the cool and unusual ways that i do. thank you, whoever invented blogging, you da best.

staying in is the new going out: see above re: tired so when my friday plans were cancelled, i could ~not have been happier. i bought microwave bangers and mash and a bag of minstrels and went home to watch crap tv and bad netflix and try to not fall asleep at 9pm. in hindsight, that miiiight not have been such a bad idea - i could sleep for england at the moment.

blue skies on the horizon: saturday was one of the worst days i've had in a while. the girls and i have a name for days like them: we call them "no days". i have some meh days, often, but i've not had a real no day - on a weekend, in my own time, in so long. it just did not go my way from the start, and snowballed into an epic pile of no by the end of it. i was stressed and angry and so very frustrated, but venting to the masses does seem to help because within minutes of being a moaning myrtle on twitter, i'd had so many offers of ways to redeem my weekend. touching, really, what humans will actually do to rally the spirits of someone they mildly care about. sometimes i despair for humanity, other times i reckon we're doing a bang up job.

pampered princess: one of the lovely and generous tweets of support that came in was from the wonderful ree ree who owns rockalily cuts in shoreditch - where i had my colour done last year. she offered to have me in on sunday for a blow dry to make me feel a bit better, and at first i was all "no, no, it's fine" but then i was all "uhm actually that's an amazing offer,  yes please" and so i did. *sassy hair flick* because that's certainly one way to fix a shady af weekend, am i right?

that's it from me; don't forget to linky link up, and have a smashing week!

style | ladies who brunch

jumper*: river island | bag*: apricot | boots*: boohoo | dress: primark

on sunday i was out to brunch with katy, and decided to dress up a little for the occasion. i'd been out early the day before, getting a(nother) massage and then spent the rest of the day running errands and doing personal admin, so it was nice to get some real clothes on again. and as good of an excuse as any to debut my new most-adorable bag, so i threw caution to the wind (and rain) and went a little over the top with my outfit.

this ted baker-esque dress is one i've literally had for years, and it doesn't fit me any more at all. i mean, sure: it obviously fits, but it's so damn big now. it's one i've had through so many different shapes and sizes, that it's now so far out of shape that i can only wear it with a jumper over the top, hiding the shame of the excess fabric bagging around my waist and arms. just as well i scored this cropped jumper in the river island sale, eh!

and the bag, can we talk about this bag! i've been coveting it for months, and when i saw it hit the sale recently, i just haaad to make it mine. it's a lot bigger than i was expecting it to be, which is great actually because it fits my headphones and a book in there too, which is totally going to be handy in the spring when i transition to using this as my every-day bag instead of lugging the backpack all around all the live-long day (the backpack currently being the only thing that feels comfortable to wear with my thick winter coat). 

before i left the house i also threw on my cupcake coat - totally unprepared for the abysmal weather outside, but at least i looked adorable as fuck while i was running between shelters, trying to avoid the spitty rain...