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2 September 2016

style | everything... five pounds?!

dress + bag c/o everything 5 pounds | shoes (old) : asos

it's no secret that i love a bargain, but i do also suffer from that "it's probably too good to be true" mentality when it comes to serious bargains. because like, if something's been marked so low, it's probably crap quality, faulty, or about to fall apart, right? probably, yeah... but not always. enter everything5pounds.com. it does what it says on the tin; every single item listed on site is no more than five pounds. great british pounds.

i saw donna repping a coat from the bargain site over the winter - yes, a winter coat for a measley fiver, and it was probably the first time i'd really checked out their site. donna is the style blogger i'm most influenced by, so her recommendations carry a lot of weight with me; especially as she's as thrifty as i am when it comes to shopping, but also believes in a simple, mix-and-match wardrobe, so prefers to buy quality over quantity. so again, seeing her hit up this bargain site for something as important as a winter coat had me curious.

mac coat c/o everything 5 pounds

so then i looked again. and what i thought was going to happen - find nothing but ugly, out-of-season clothes and tacky accessories, didn't; instead, i found page after page of the most amazing autumn essentials - dresses, jumpers, coats, and accessories, all listed for no more than five pounds. this aubergine coloured tea dress immediately caught my eye. the colour is one of my autumn go-to shades, and the shape is so *me*. there's no label in it, so i don't know where it originated, but i don't really care. i tend to shop for styles, not brands, so why should this be any different?

it's not lined, which i mean, not many are these days anyway, so for a fiver, i am pretty happy with. it's also a little *short*, but again, that's hardly something that'd stop me buying something so damn pretty, so this time was no different. i reckon a sheer slip underneath will do the job just perfectly! the dress is well made, and has a sturdy zip up the back, so i reckon i've found a winner there. so far, so good!

then, there's this mac. it's labelled as 'atmosphere', which uk readers will recognise as the primark signature brand, a fiver for a dress at primark, sure. but this coat? it's fully lined. the fabric is heavy. for real, it weighs a ton, and is really well made. double breasted, working pockets, a thick collar. and really nicely tailored. in-store this would easily retail for more than £30. in fact, i'm sure i've seen it in there in the past, for that exact price. it's a classic piece, so it's not going to go out of style. ever. and it only costs five fricken pounds.

khaki is such a classic autumn colour, so the measly investment in this coat alone now means i am set for all necessary layering... for the next four months. five quid, job done! add to that my new favourite dress in my favourite autumn shade, and the matte black leather-look satchel that easily looks like it's worth five times the price it cost, and i'd say i've just discovered a god-damn gold mine!

dress, coat, and bag, for no more than fifteen quid and the cost of shipping. is it wrong to be in love with a website? please say it's not, because i think i am. have you shopped with everything5pounds.com before? i bet you're off to have a look now if you haven't already!

*items were sent for consideration; all words are my own*

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