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20 June 2012

wednesday wishlist

you guuuys.. the bank blocked my card yesterday cos somehow my details have been compromised and blah blah.. like, i'm glad that they called me to tell me, and thankfully all of the fraudulent transactions were declined due to the countries they were being purchased in, but.. it's the first card number i've ever memorised! and i use it everywhere! wahhh. so now i live in poverty (more than normal) until they send me a replacement one - oh and also get paid.. the moral of the story is, i need you to buy me the following this week:
diet coke cos i've just about run out and will need more for my basic survival.. and for all humanity's sake.
cos i watched sister act the other night and still knew all the words and songs and wonder if my memory for part 2 is still in tact.
i'll take the legs and the skirt, please. gorgeous minty+floral peplum skirt from missguided. want! (and it's on sale! shame i don't have those pins)
omg. all i hear about at work is this book. i read the synopsis... and... wow. knowing now that it started as twilight fan fiction, and that kirsten 'bird-face' stewart is tipped to play anastacia steele, i kinda need to satisfy my 'i wish someone would strangle the life out of her squinty face' urge and watch it unfold in my mind. 
 needs fresh flower smell in my hizzy. urgently. mama's not here to pick me some :(
bessssssssst liquid liner evarrrrrrr. extreme 24-hour felt-tip liner from collection 2000. sooooo cheap and soooo good! got this for like, £2.99 from boots or maybe even in one of their b.o.g.o.f. deals and it is the best liner i have ever used. the tip is thick but with a good stiff point, which makes the application soooo easy and effortless. i used to spend ages doing tiny little lines with a normal liquid liner and then joining all the little lines together with a bigger, fatter line to hide the dodgy little lines underneath. with the felt tip, you can hold the pen more comfortably, and literally draw it on. loves! have discovered other colours besides the plain black, and i now care for all 4.

needs more! running out! 7 days til pay-day.. will it last or will i be patchy by the end of the month? it's anyone's guess at this stage! i have been wearing revlon colorstay for ye-heeeaaars now, and am too scared to make the change. everyone praises mac but i don't know. it seems an awful lot of money for the same thing buuuuuut you can always tell a mac wearer because of how flawless and matte the foundations are.. thick too. nevertheless, maybe if i tag mac in this post they will give me a tester?
#mac #favours #cheap
thiiiiiiis baaaaaag i found on ebay. been gagging for a cambridge satchel for agggges, and whilst trawling for bargain ones on the best website in the world i came across this gorgeous thing! is less than £20 delivered, so will wait for payday and snap this bad boy up cos i needs it.
my diet has been going reaaaally well! have had a few compliments to say i'm looking slimmer, which is nice boost to the ego! i certainly feel better inside, having lost all the saturated fats and epic daily sugar rushes, but, i totes fell off the wagon on monday. it was my first day back at school in 2 weeks, and i needed some saturated help to get through it. crisps at lunch. half a bueno on the way home. strawberries + icecream for desert. eugh.. totes regret the icecream. however.. i could go some now.

so, how much do you love me?

erica x