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5 September 2012

link love

here lay some of my favourite internet finds of the moment:

elsie and emma at a beautiful mess have come up with a neat way to make home made photo filters. i for one know how easy it is to edit pictures using many an iphone app (you're all well aware of my instagram addiction), but for anyone out there using a DSLR or regular point+click, then this is a great way to give your photos an instant lift, no?

the 'how we met' story of beth and her fella j at arrow in the eye. it's really cute and reminds me a lot of the way boyfriend and i got together. not literally, because there is no basis of comparison, just something about knowing you're meant to be with that person, and not worrying when people think you're moving 'too quickly'. it's really sweet, nawww...

how adorable is kate at scathingly brilliant?! seriously quirky, in the best kind of way. i love her take on a summers day inspired outfit, and i have to have that dress. pronto!

mrs thrifty explains how being organised equals being thrifty, and how this can mean big savings down the line. you all know how much i like a bargain, well, mrs thrifty has some excellent tips on how to shop big on a budget - food, cosmetics, clothing - the lot! i am addicted to this blog.

last week i had an email from the ed over at layout asking if i would like to be added to their writers list. errr yeah! sign me up! within the hour i had 2 press releases in my inbox, both with 24 hour deadlines... i was half  way into a bottle of pink and so started writing furiously! turns out, i'm not too bad at this writing malarky, because both of those were printed, as well as a third! i'm pretty happy with this tiny development... who knows where this path is taking me!

this dress. i don't even like blue? but i want this dress. i feel like gold curls and a sheep would be appropriate, but.. i want. also want this bag, and now it's on sale. just in time for my birthday. coincidence? no, i think not.

my real life crossed paths with my other one this week, when my favouritest 'woman i don't know in reality' (i don't like the term 'blogger') kelly-anne a.k.a tinytangerines started following me on instagram. it made my day on sunday, and so i told her so. and she commented back. a few times, and we share a pink wine habit, so we tagged each other in a few pics of wine. it's like... unreal, and i can't explain why. so you should check her out, she's so adorable and funny and gaaaah.

that's a few things to keep you busy! i am sleepy and need my bed... here are my 3 fave outfits of late x