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10 May 2017


i never, ever, ever wear trousers. i have one pair of culottes that get their annual outing in the sun on the hottest day of the year each summer, but that's it. i don't have the body for trousers - they make me look squat and frumpy, and i just feel more comfortable in a dress. but, while we were in malta recently, and it felt hotter than the earth's surface, i began to reconsider my sartorial choices...

it was so stinking hot, and in a skirt that can only mean one thing: chafe city. after the first day in the sun we took some scissors to our worn tights and hacked the length off to make shorties to stop the chub rub between the thighs. it worked a treat, of course, but it didn't do much for the "keeping cool" element we had hoped for for days in the basting sun, so, i made a decision. next time around, i'd endeavour to take trousers. well, that one pair of trousers i was telling you about earlier.

but then! then i saw my pal alice in some cracking pink trousers recently, which were wide legged and capri-length, and seemed to be made of delicious cool fabric, and i died. they needed to be mine, so i asked, hunted, and bought. and for the bargainous price of nine whole pounds, too. and whilst i was hunting, i came across more. more trousers of the same ilk, that i also had to make mine. whether or not they suit is an entirely different story of course, but for now, there are approximately eight pairs of capri-length, culotte-esque trousers winging their way to me in time for my next holiday into the sun (slovenia, at the end of this month).

time will tell as to whether or not they make it on holiday with me or make it back to from whence they came within the 28 day return period, but i hope for the sake of my inner thighs that at leaset *one* of those eight pairs is a half-way decent excuse for a flattering trouser, and sticks around. watch this space.