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20 October 2017


this past weekend i barely left my bed. i've been so damn tired since returning from japan, and all i've been wanting from life is as much sleep as i can get; i'd been falling asleep by 9pm and awake by 5am, with no chance of going back to sleep, and it's really been the worst and longest stint of jet lag i've ever really had. in saying that though, it's also the first bout of jet lag i've had in about five years, so it's possibly i just simply... forgot how to cope (that, and i'm a bloody old woman now, so sleep is something i am rather fond of anyway).

other than a brief jaunt out to the salon to see my massage angel on saturday, i hadn't left the house since friday night, which is why sunday brunch was planned. on one hand, to get out of the house, and on the other hand, because sunday brunch is always a good idea. i hadn't seen charley really since we were up in newcastle together, so waffles and milkshakes on the old kirkdale high street seemed like the perfect way to kill a few birds with one waffly cone. especially as the sun had its hat on, so crunchy-leaf hunting in my new boho dress would also definitely be on the agenda.

boohoo dress c/o love the sales | studded boots c/o lotd | bag c/o debenhams | sunglasses : no idea

we ate so much food, too. thank god i wore a dress that has an elasticated waist (although: am i the only one these elastic waists make look bloatier than they actually are? to be fair, i had just eaten far to many waffles, so.. who knows) that day. it's yellow, innit? like, really yellow. i fear a new obsession coming on, but still not entirely sure if it suits me. i think the mustard and my new hair colour look nice together, but.. me in yellow? still not sold. these western-style chelsea boots though? massively sold. yup!

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