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31 January 2018


i guess because i grew up in a super hot island country, tropical holidays never really seemed to be ideal in my mind because i could basically get that in my own back yard (trust me: cairns and parts of northern queensland are hawwwwwt) - a real holiday would be something out of the ordinary; something i couldn't get my hands on relatively easy. since being in the uk though, and being on the doorstep to europe, i've obviously revelled in the fact there is so much nearby that takes me a world away from what feels like home.

but.. since spending sooo much time in and around europe over the last few years, and after my big trip to japan last year (and trips to nyc and new zealand planned for this year), i am starting to really like the ideal of longer-haul holidays, to climates that are a lot nicer than home, to somewhere sunny and warm, that's also full of history and culture. like...

belize city, belize

the perfect mix of central american jungles and caribbean seas, the former commonwealth country is a melting pot of adventure and culture - and those are some of my favourite things on holiday. i'm not much of a beach gal, but i do love a good old fashioned walk-about, so getting stuck into the jungles and seeing if i can't find me a toucan or two (can), and see what mayan ruins exist nearby the vacation homes in belize would be more my speed. apparently, belize also has some of the most amazing marine animals in the seven seas, and despite not loving the idea of getting in the ocean, a glass-bottom boat out amongst the critters certainly sounds appealing, no? if not, apparently there's an epic up-and-coming foodie scene - and we're talking a mish-mash of creole, jamaican, mexican, spanish, and cuban foods, and well, doesn't that just sound wildy delicious!

miami, usa

it's probably not the american city you think of when you think of me, but there are loads of reasons why miami is super high on my summer holiday bucket list. the murals and street art that brighten the south beach neighbourhoods are said to be some of the best in the world, and really if instagram is anything to go by, the houses out there are too cute to quit, too. that's even before we consider the cuban food, latin culture, american pride, and caribbean coast lines that make miami such an anomaly in the make up of the united states. it's high up there on the list, for sure. plus, it's super close to cuba, which although terrifying, i'd really like to visit too one day and see how lost in time havana really is..!

havana, cuba

i suppose my fascination with cuba comes down to one thing: the perfectly pastel cars and buildings that you immediately think of when you think of the latin american country. well that, and rum. it really did become a country lost in time, thanks to the political struggles that plagued the population for most of the twenty first century - something that is only just now starting to come right, which sort of left the country stranded in the early fifties. it sounds quite romantic, in an awful way, don't you think? all the films and stories would have us believe that cuba is a scary criminal hotbed, but.. isn't everywhere, these days? havana sees more than a million tourists visit it every year, so i'm with them. let's all go to cuba!

campeche, mexico

i have been to mexico once before - when i was about fifteen, for a grand total of about four hours. seriously. we drove down with a tour guide from san diego - which took about an hour or so, i guess, crossed the border, wandered around tijuana for a few hours, then headed back to california. honestly, i don't really know why we bothered, other than i think my mum had seen the tour on offer and so we went because we weren't loving los angeles so much. still, it was a hard couple of hours, and i think that's because tijuana isn't really a good indication of the real mexico. it's the border city, you know? so it's pretty rough and a lot of the population are living in poverty, which neither of us were really expecting, and so it was a little scary. when i go back, i'm heading south to the harbour-city of campeche with it's dense jungles and blue seas and colourful houses everywhere you look. that's the mexico i'd like to remember. that, and tequila.

so, tell me: are you a summer-lovin' holidayer, or do you prefer to wander through winter? i'd love to hear what's on your travel bucket-list (mainly so i can follow you, too).

*post written in collaboration with brand. all photos via unsplash. wanderlust is all mine.

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