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12 December 2018

the one where erica goes on holiday for three weeks

i've been counting down to this for months and months now, and the day has finally arrived. ish. tomorrow, i'm off to singapore for a week, then on to new zealand for two; i've not had a christmas down under in eight years, or one in my spiritual homeland of new zealand in closer to eleven. i'll be hanging with my family and my mum and getting my fix of fresh air and seafood and mountains and the see and oh my god, thinking about it all just makes me so happy.

i don't get homesick, i rarely miss home at all, actually. but christmas is a weird one because it's that one time a year that everyone wants to spend with their family. usually, i spend it with the other london orphans; your friends are the family you choose, and i have excellent people around me in spades. so i've never been alone over the festive period (except last christmas, but i genuinely needed some me time last year and i did a lot of fun things and made sure i had a good christmas!), but it's been a really long time since i had my own traditions to enjoy, rather than someone else's.

i've also not been to that side of the world since 2012, and it's kinda scary to think about going all that way in one go, which is why i've broken it up and am stopping in singapore for a week beforehand. japan was far - about 12 hours, and singapore is slightly more, and that's enough time to be in an uncomfortable seat and without fresh air before i snap, i think. we have a few things planned for singapore, and i'm really excited! mainly for the food, as per. we're staying right in the heart of little india and it's going to be so colourful and warm and ugh, i can't wait.

then in new zealand, i have a week with my family in wellington before mum and i set off on a road trip around the south island for a week. i've not been to the south island since i was a kid, so it's going to be such an adventure - even though i've lived in new zealand and explored most of the north island as an adult, i will get to travel around a new-to-me part of the country, which will just be amazing and beautiful, and all the rest.

mostly, i'm excited for a break. a break from work, from my regular life. from the gym, the commute, and never having enough time. from the rain and grey, from the noise, from the fog. from london. i need a break. so, it'll be quite around here for a while, but i'll be as active as ever over on instagram, so make sure you're following me over there too.

merry christmas, and see you in the new year!

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