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11 September 2019

a homeware haul at tk maxx

*contains gifted items*

i have been a fan of tk maxx for the longest time, but to an unhealthy extent since buying the flat. name me one other store that sells some of the best homewares brands up to 60% less than anywhere else on the high street and i will willingly give up my addiction, but until then, it's my mecca for home bits and bobs. and with the new oxford street store now open (and soooo close to work and easily accessible in my lunch break) - and four whole floors of bargains to be found - i was over the moon to find myself there after work last week, gift card in hand, and a list as long as my arm of bits i "still needed" to be able to have friends around for lunch this past weekend.

i'm in full 'secondhand september' mode, so the temptation to try my luck in the ladies departments (and the shoes, oh the shoes!) was under control, though when i learned about the gold label bags (i mean, there was just a mulberry bag on show, it was crazy) and the resale department (high-end bags being resold at lower prices), my commitment slightly wavered..

instead, i headed straight for the third floor - homewares - and spent a decent hour picking up and looking at everything on the shelves. there were things i didn't know i needed, things i definitely wanted but didn't know what i'd do with, and things that were just so obscure i barely know what they do, but then there was also every thing else that was on my list.

i made my way from serving platter to cutting board, to pyrex dish to pestle and mortar, to bath mat, to random candles, to 100% egyptian cotton sheets, to some incredible faux indoor plants, until the point my trolley was full and i had no idea how i was going to get it all home. with a little culling and a bus that took an hour and i half, i managed to, and come sunday, was able to adequately host lunch at mine without having to scramble to wash dishes in between courses. the dreaaaam.

with savings of up to 60% i was able to nab some incredible purchases that normally i wouldn't even think twice to look at, for the pure cost of them. but when a yellow pepper cutting board is marked down from £68 to £11, you sort of, smile as it goes in the basket and whistle on your merry way.

so, thanks to my little homeware haul, i was able to get all the bits i needed to have leanne over for lunch at the weekend, to say thank you for fixing the damn laptop that's been giving me hell for the last few months (and a few little bits more meeeeeee too). the new store on oxford street is seriously impressive, but it definitely reminded me why i love shopping online - thankfully, tk maxx have that covered for me too. so tell me, what's in your shopping basket right now? (for me: perfume)

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