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17 November 2020


2020 will forever be known to me as the year of "the great pause"; a term used to describe the first lockdown (and subsequent reopening of life) by a gentleman at a petting farm (don't ask), but the general slowing down of life has certainly not meant - for me, at least - any amount of additional sleep. and i do very much enjoy sleep.

more time at home with my thoughts, my growing collection of sweat pants, and a mounting pile of dishes - absolutely. more sleep? hardly, with the amount of world crises happening at any one time. and now with a puppy who's adorable but doesn't sleep in one position for many hours? not a chance.

having suffered with insomnia for far too long in my twenties, i like to see to it that i am in bed by a decent time, having read a chapter of my book and sprayed my bedding with lavender spray until damp, with a thick eye mask on my face and my fan on low (for both white noise, and because i'm a hotttt sleeper) - and since the addition of peanut, him settled nicely at the foot of the bed. or, let's be honest, wherever the heck he wants to sleep, because he is the king of this colourful castle.

that might be the ideal scenario, but the amount of times i take each and every one of those steps yet still don't easily find sleep, is vast. back in the summer in invested in a new mattress, to replace the thin and lumpy amazon purchase from when i first moved in. it made the world of difference on my back, even after only one sleep! but the newly found comfort wasn't always enough to head off to the land of nod, so then shortly after that, i invested in a good quality pillow too. 

and since then, a second one too - this time, a TEMPUR®. the brand's proven pressure relief gives your neck and head total comfort and support, which means it helps to reducing tossing and turning - and if your sleep habits are anything like mine, that's where my biggest problem is.

i can't tell you the world of difference a comfortable set up can have to your evening routine. you can throw all the lavender spray and yoga and pre-bed meditation you want at a situation, but if you want to sleep better, longer, deeper and easier, i cannot recommend investing a little bit more than the two-for-ten pack of pillows you'll find on the high street, and upgrade to the superior comfort of a TEMPUR® pillow.

don't believe me? no bother. from now until the 26th of november, TEMPUR® are kindly gifting readers with a £5 off any full-size pillow (or £50 off any double size or larger mattress - including those in the outlet!), meaning you too can finally have the perfect sleep. consider this my christmas gift to you. use the code TEMPUR9287 at checkout, and thank me later.

this post was written in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but all thoughts are my own.

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