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22 April 2012

good news

the eBay store i bought my dress from have agreed to exchange it for a new one! they are completely sold out of the apricot, so i will be getting the blue one with bows this time! if it holds up, i might try buying the apricot one again in the future.

you might be surprised to learn i actually still haven't left the house today. i was going to read, but instead i did my nails while catching up on my shows, namely 'glee' and 'new girl'. AND boyfriend and i have discovered a new fave in 'hart of dixie' staring my number two girl crush, rachel bilson (for those of you who aren't sure on number one, it's zooey. duhh), so have been watching ep after ep (currently on ep4) of that today.

the weather is bad, so i don't really feel too bad about not going out. in other news, here are my nails:

they're not too dissimilar to last weeks, just changed out the main colour and added the glitter instead of the floral. everyone seemed to like the floral, which was cool. if you're interested in how to recreate this, these are the colours i used:

i mean, the 'how-to' is pretty self explanatory, but i guess the dots can be tricky. i have recently purchased some nail brushes, but i find them a bit.. unnecessary. i dabbed a few dots of white onto a smooth surface (in this case, a chomp wrapper.) and then used the end of a bobby pin to dot the white onto the mint, in no particular pattern, just.. on. the glitter took a bit more effort. i used the saffron gold fleck first, but got a really bad effect. the size of the flecks really differs in the pot, so it was not a really full colour. i then went over with the opi teenage dream, and then finished with the disco gold top coat. the other nails all just got a basic top coat.

so tell me, what do you think?

e x