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18 April 2012

stop looking at my melons

on sunday i had to return some stuff from saturday's spree, so after spending the morning doing choooores i headed out (sans boyfriend!) back to bromley. it was coooooold and i refused all offers of a coat despite boyfriend's concern (blah blah) that I would freeze. "bollocks!" was my certain reply. i wasn't out the house 30 seconds that i felt the wind. bloody hell. 2 weeks ago it was lovely and springy (as you might well remember me saying) and yet suddenly, these last few days have been properly shitty weather.

nevertheless, i was in the new SUMMER dress purchased the day before, my denim jacket, a pair of leggings and my new coral peep toe flats. i looked totally cute. For some reason boyfriend refuses to take pictures of me (?) so you will have to take my word for it. the shoes were tight and i was cold. not a great combo. totes cute but.

i jumped off the bus at the mall, and did a bit of window shopping knowing i had done enough ACTUAL shopping the day before. i grabbed a coffee (read: large sugar free vanilla latte with soy) and headed to primark which is on the street not in the mall. didn't even get a complete foot in the door before i was stopped by security and told i wasn't allowed to drink in the shop. uuugghh. brand new large hottttt coffee. and less than an hour til the shop was due to shut. who needs a working trachea? not me! scolding coffee literally poured down my throat, into primark i proudly pranced (bit of alliteration for my grammar geeks out there).

on my way up to change some sizes over, i stumbled across the kids section. i used to work for a clothing brand that made some really cute kids stuff; affordable and sized to fit smallish adults, so, i have in the past enjoyed the benefits of buying kids clothes. some of the dresses were sooooo adorable that i couldn't let them stay there. thank cripes for rouching is all i can say.

i also bought a "mullet" skirt - for want of a better word. you know the one: short in the front and long in the back? yes well. It's leopard print (naturally) and its chiffon, and i'm not 100% sure how i feel about it which is why the tag is still attached. i don't know how to wear it, that's my problem. i don't do heels, and it's kinda dressy. i also think it poofs a bit around my middle - and i don't need that. i will try it again this weekend and have another think. it was purely an impulse thing... we've all been there.

on tuesday morning i got a text from bex asking did i want to goto the comedy store with her that night to see jarred christmas perform as part of a 'topical comedy line up'. hell yes i did! she had a spare ticket as her friend who is a boy had to work instead. charity tickets are the best! cos she's awesome and just got a new job that needed some finalizing, i hung out at work a bit longer than normal then met her for a quick dinner at misato in china town before heading off to the gig. foolishly, i didn't take any pictures, which is so unlike me. although, you'll need to forgive me as i think i'm coming down with the flu (again)(AGAIN) cos all i want to do is naaaaaaaaap. it's so nanna. couple that with my current desire to learn how to crochet, and wham! tweenage gran. anyway, the show was really funny - really topical and current, but also ad libbed a lot of the time and reeeeally fun. i would definitely go again.

i wore my new watermelon dress to work today, and got a lot of comments. i made sure to tell people it was from the kids department though - i sometimes worry people think i'm trying to be particularly kooky or whatever. but then.. so what? i fricken love being quirky - if i even am? i don't know that fruit covered dresses mean you're odd... i just... blah! but also, i was kinda, undercoverily trying to convince people i'm actually really skinny too, being able to fit into kids clothes. i think it worked. i think they're all fooled. *not* so it's gone a bit like this today:

"erica, love your dress"
"thanks, its cute eh? kids department, bargain."
"stop looking at my melons!"

i found this really funny. i'm not sure anyone else did.

e x