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8 May 2012

pretty things

this weekend i was able to tick 'do my nails' off the list of things that needed to be caught up on. i was inspired by something i saw on hellogiggles' 'nails of the day' page, but they used a mint instead of the pink and had multicoloured print. i decided on the pink as it would go with more of my wardrobe, and a muted pattern to take it... easy!

i started with a good coat of rimmel nail rescue on all nails after cleaning off the old colours. two thick coats of the pink on the fingers and white on the thumbs. once dried, a layer of the glitter top coat on the fingers, and began the print on the thumbs. i started by dripping the purple glitter onto the nail in thick drops, then pushing it out and smooshing it onto the nail - making sure they were of variable sizes. once this had gone a bit tacky, before it was completely dried, i did the same with the lilac but only smaller dots and inside every other spot. once this was completely dried, i finished all nails off with a thick coat of rimmel lycra pro top coat - the best top coat i have ever used. it hardly ever chips, occasionally at the tips, but i use my nails a lot.

the next thing to tick off, was to complete the bows i made a few weeks back by adding the alligator clips and finally setting up my own etsy store to list them and hopefully sell them on. setting up the store took time, and i am not a patient girl. i was glad to have gotten them completed though and finally listed. i'm not holding my breath that anyone will buy one - but i have taken a proactive step to sell them, and i'm really happy with the result, and - dare i say it, proud of my self for doing it too. i will look to make some to order in time, but for now, best to try and sell what i have before getting ahead of myself with imaginary orders.

today we woke up laaaaaate. everyone else had gone back to work, but we still had one day to go. counting them down now - 3 more days in my current role before i start my new job next week. i won't bore you with the job specs but, i am looking forward to the new job immensely, as have been in my current position for almnost a year and a half and it's time to try something new! i will be sad to leave my team, but i will still be in the same department and on the same floor, so i will still be able to see them daily - it will just be weird to be the 'new girl' again; the odd one out. thankfully there will be 2 or 3 new people starting in my new team too, so we will basically outnumber the oldies anyway! i already know the guys in the new team too, so it will be great. really excited! just.. bored that i still have to complete 3 more days in a job i'm bored of!..

i read a bit more of my book - am on book 3 of hunger games trilogy now, having started 'mockingjay' on sunday, then decided to get up and head out. i had some stuff to exchange at primark and waned to check out tk maxx again as errrrrrbody goes on about it so much. i must admit - i picked up a lot of stuff to try on at tk maxx, but, as they have so many different brands in there it's hard to get a handle on the sizing. i had to go back and forth a few times on sizes, and really only found one thing that i HAD to have and fit well.

next i thought i'd have a look in the mall so went and snooped through oasis, h&m and new look too. found some really pretty spring tea dresses at oasis but even with their sale discount, looking at £40 for a dress.. out of the question. really well made, no doubt, but not in the budget. so.. window shopped there for a while, and no luck in my usually-predictable h&m, but came across a slew of sales dresses in new look - all for under a tenner! i couldn't find anything in my size that i liked, but found a few in a bigger size that would work fine with a belt. 2 dresses for £12. barrrrrrrrrrr-jarrrrrrrrrne.

next stop was primark to exchange some stuff i bought a few weeks back. i had thrown the receipt away as i thought i was going to keep the items - remember the leopard print 'mullet skirt' from a few weeks back? well.. i can't make it work. i also had a lavender lace dress that erin had picked up for me aswell. the dress is adorable but it's super short and big in the bust; i just couldn't make it work, sadly. so, without the receipts, it was 'good-will' exchange only. totally fine with me! found a gorgeous floral dress i'd be eyeing for a few months had gone on sale, and only one left in my size (meant to be!), a new scarf, a tan cardigan, new pair of leggings and a fresh pair of plimsoles for boyfriend - all for the same price as the 2 items i was returning. SUPER DEAL!

a pretty successful day, don't you think? had to tidy out the wardrobe a bit when i got home to make room for the newbies, but in the things i'm getting rid of, i have found slew of scrap material to use for - you guessed it, more bows! 

my only problem now is... what to wear?

erica x