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20 May 2012

rounding up

friday just gone was my new manager's birthday, and the whole team went out for lunch to celebrate. i say 'whole team', but including me this was only a grand total of 4. i was really nervous to start my new job on monday - but i don't know why. they were all so lovely and welcoming, and brought me tea, and, invited me out on a team lunch! i'd never been on a team lunch before, so this was a grrrreat end to the week. we went to the diner on carnaby street, and i couldn't decide what to have. they all settled for burgers (boring), and i was tossing up between potato skins with cheese and bacon, and short-stack pancakes. actually couldn't decide... so i had both. did not regret it. needed a nap afterwards, but so happy with my decision. 

that night after work we headed out (as usual) for a few drinks - for me to celebrate the end of the first week in the new role, for a carmen's (fake) work birthday (sorry carmen, it was.) and also for a few goodbye drinks for a good friend rajna from my old team. there were free drinks, as usual, and erin came down for a few pink wines too. boyfriend's cousin rick was also out for a while, and even though i left them fairly early.. he didn't make it home until around midnight. smelling like a brewery. as loud as an elephant. that was a fun night.

saturday morning i was up early to pick mum up from the station, on her way back from a few days in wales with her cousins from andover, then off to the movies with her and bex to finally see The Hunger Games. ohemgee. it was soooo good. i was a bit disappointed that certain parts were missed out from the book, but, it is to be expected really. i wish that gale featured more (re-write the book please!) and not peeta - specially cos baby hems is well pretty and that brit kid who plays peeta is notttttt.. but, i was glad there was not too much gore, and the celeb-filled cast was pretty cool too. we literally caught one of the last ever screenings of it at the cinema - it's been out since mid-march, hah. after the movie we went for a stroll around greenwich and charlton, then hopped a number of busses home to a lovely glass of duty-free pimms.

today we three headed off to my fave destination: camden markets! mum loved it. it was soooo busy today though - standard for a sunday really, but we all came away with something which was signs of a great outing. while we were hunting for treasure, we came across this twee little tearoom that was situated in between vintage clothing shops, antiques, and retro bric-a-brac, and to top it off it was cranking old-time tunes from a gramarphone in the corner... adorbs! there were antique cake carts and furniture dotted around, and all the cake tags and signs were hand written and personal. it was so cute i had to take some pictures..

after we finished up at the stables market, we had to get some lunch in cos we were starrrrrrved so we headed to a pub we saw on our walk earlier called foggs. it was quaint and had all the personal touches like the tea room - this is why i love camden! we had the lunch special and were wowed by super friendly and attentive staff, and a great character pub. after that, and with our purchases in tow, we headed for regent's park to show mama more flowers, feed the squirrels and such.

as you can see, we found a particularly friendly native that mama named peter, who was more than happy to climb a leg or two for his supper. we also found some really prettttty florals that i just had to photog. i do love myself a pretty posie or two. we spent a good couple of hours roaming the gardens, stopping frequently for my weak little bladder, then headed home about 5:30ish. we got the train from the infamous baker street station, where i have never been in before. boyfriend tells me baker street is quite well known as (fictional) sherlock holmes had his (fictional) agency based on (non-fictional) baker street. other notable appearances include the (now) lloyds tsb bank on the corner where (both versions of, i think) bank job was filmed. on the walls of the station were little cameo/profiles of sherlock holmes. very cute!

another omg moment: i made my very first official sale this week, to the lovely tasha at work! to be fair, she commissioned me to make her some black felt bows for a very special engagement this weekend (meeting the parents for the first time!) i was given fairly specific instructions, but i still managed to come out on top! now that i have debuted the black fabric - it has been a hit. i have requests coming out my ears - and new fabric has been delivered almost daily! here are a few of the new designs (with still more waiting for construction)...

so, that's been my week. mum is with us now for the next few weeks, until just after the jubilee when we three head back to the country for a few days, then mama and i head off to paris for a few more. can't wait! this weekend coming marks erin's birthday, but also mine + boyfriend's one-year anniversary.. whaaat! we have nothing planned, cos we forgot. so.. is that good or bad? i'm sure we'll just.. sleep in or something when the time comes to celebrate. that's love, isn't it?

have you been enjoying the time travel? let me know.

love, erica