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19 June 2014

w.i.w.t | picnicing in purple

jacket : miss selfridge | dress : primark | necklace : finest imaginary | bag : asos | shoes : new look

clearly i'm taken by this wee bag at the moment. that, and it goes with everything, so it's kinda the perfect accessory for me. i wore this lush ensemble out and about with the girls on sunday, for our '"fauther's day" picnic - albeit i did wear a thicker jacket because it was coooold in my neck of the woods! i'm so smitten with the mint and purple combo - it's not one i would naturally pair, but as i was searching for shoes to wear, my eyes fell upon these minty flats and there was no going back. it was fate!

i do love this floral denim jacket i picked up in the miss selfridge sale the laaaast time my mum was in london (think late 2012), but i picked up the wrong size (as they definitely run big) and it's slightly baggy on me. no biggy, because it means i can do it up comfortably unlike my other denim jacket (and most jackets that fit my shoulders/back but don't do up over the chebbs). i really like the 3/4 sleeve on it too - i'm a cuffer anyway, and this means the arms stop just below my elbows - perfect! i think the floral print was the perfect way to compliment the mint and purple combo, so a bit of a shame i wasn't able to wear it out like this. 

another time, for sure!
what do you think of the purple and mint combo?

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  1. It may not necessarily be a combo I would have thought of doing as first but it actually works really well. Plus Im generally smitten with anything mint. I don't blame you for wearing the purse with so many different outfits, I love satchel bags like that.

  2. Fab colours. That dress is gorgeous! And I love the pastel yellow and mint with it.

    Also: teapot necklace? Winner xx

    Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

  3. I absolutely love the dress! It's just so pretty! I love the pastel shoes too, I've been wearing mint green with everything!
    Kloe xx

  4. I really love the purple dress. Yellow things do seem to go with everything, I need a yellow pair of shoes.


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. still on sale, boo.

  6. lovelovelovelove mint!

  7. ain't she a beaut!

  8. love the purple dress and mint shoes http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/


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