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23 June 2014

the wimbledon village fair

on saturday i headed west once more; i met mum out on wimbledon common just before 11am for a day full of activities. the state of the common this time around was a far cry from last time we were there; it had been transformed! the reason for this epic transformation? the wimbledon village fair, and remnants of the family fun fair that have been entertaining the masses for the last few days. the sun was high, the sky was blue, and the residence of wimbledon were out in force... we were ready for a day of things!

we strolled stall after stall of delicious bits and pieces, from glitter cupcakes and organic fudges right through to hot and spicy delicacies, obviously tasting everything as we went - except for the hot and spicy, as when i asked the guy if there was onion he looked at me baffled and said "why, are you allergic?" in his most sarcastic tone. then, when i replied in the positive, he seemed unconvinced despite telling me i was the second person he'd ever met who claimed to be. then, this woman behind me piped up "i am too, so that's three", and he was all dumbfounded. like a dick. no sale for you, douche!

although the majority of the fair was all artisan foods and organic clothing and free-from jewellery, the best bit was obviously the row of dog-centric wares. stall after stall of bespoke collars, hipster-friendly neck-ties and neckerchiefs, personalised leashes and jackets and dog-bowls - oh my! mum and i had a field day just playing with the puppies who were modelling the garbage for their owners, clearly more interested in jumping in the lake with their friends than sitting still and looking pampered. it was hot; dogs just wanna be dogs.

and then there was a fairground! admittedly, it was marketed directly at the young families out on the common with their baby strollers and puppies in tow, but you just can't stop us getting excited by fairground rides or activities. we were gutted to learn it wasn't free, and also that the carnies were kind of... judging us for wanting to ride, but whatever. there was a castle!

so we headed back toward the lake and around to the opposite side where the ponies were being shown. some were doing things like standing still and walking, and some were doing things like trying to poop and jump at the same time. the former were dull, and the latter were just stupid. like, you're a horse; just jump over the thing, you can poop any old time. we wanna see you jump! poor guy didn't want a bar (puns!) of it though, so we gave up and moved on... to the womble dancing along with the morris dancers! finally! i tracked down a womble! i guess i'd hoped it wouldn't be in an afc wimbledon kit, but... it was dancing! win.
back to the cakes! we picked up a few of the most delicious treats from cupcake-a-licious; me a vicky sponge cupcake (look at it!) and mumma a glace cherry and chocolate digestive brownie (with red glitter!) for the bus ride to our next destination... kew gardens! it was impossible for me to fathom we'd been on the common for just about an hour and a half, because it totally felt like it had been longer. oh well, you know what they say - time flies when you're having fun! and fun is what we were having.

how was your saturday spent? was it as artisan and pony-poopy as mine?
doubtful. don't lie.

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  1. OMG it's huge and looks amazing (the cupcake and the village fair!) I bet this was on every year I lived in Wimbledon and I never went (or even realised it existed!) .... think I missed out!
    Chloe x

  2. Oh, this looks awesome. Would have loved this!! Super pictures :) x

  3. disqus_k8R8UmI9Bk23 June 2014 at 10:06

    Hooray you returned!! xxxx Beeta

  4. This is such a colourful wonderful and beautiful post! Awesome way to start a week. Love your outfit too x

  5. This looks like so much fun!

    Maria xxx

  6. Ah those cupcakes look adorable. I bake well but I can't decorate yet, Im actually taking a decorating class in the future. My Sunday was spent with my boyfriends dad trying to fix our stove, not very eventful.

  7. cats are jerks. that's where. see disclaimer in my profile love.

  8. hm. no. well, you can tell people you came with me if you like?

  9. yes! and found me a womble! x

  10. isn't she a darling!

  11. if it was then you definitely missed out - it was so much fun!

  12. I love a good summer fair. Sadly my Saturday was spent mostly at the dentist.


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