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11 January 2016

some happy things

this week has been far from happy, and the first one in a long time where i have struggled - really struggled to find some positives amongst the constant swirl of shit that clouded my days (and my head) as i tried to shake this goddamn virus from my system. what started as a meagre head cold that did nothing but make me "that" person as i sniffed and coughed my way from edinburgh to london on a train on monday, slowly - and i do mean ~slowly, transformed into one giant pain in the sinus as the sneezes became ~more frequent, ~more painful, ~more unbearable. with sinus infection comes congestion, headached, aches and pains, and the desire to do just ~nothing.

so that's what i've been doing. with the exception of work, of course, which i have been lucky enough to do from the comfort of my sick bed - luckier than most i would agree, but still, all i've ~wanted to do is sleep. so i've been doing that a lot too. it's been greeeeeat. despite all that, a few happy things have perked up my days. things like:

my cuppa tea: as part of her super thoughful christmas present to me, kirsty bought me some black 'night time' tea by pukka to help with my sleepiness before bed. thankfully being tired hasn't been a problem i've been facing this past week, but whether or not that has to do with drinking a hot mug of this flavoursome tea before bed remains to be seen. either way, it's been a lovely new night time routine to kick the new year off with. it will also help to my new year's resolution to drink more water too, which is an added bonus. yay, tea!

a little bit of sunlight: being bed bound for a week sounds all doom and gloom, but after two weeks away somehow ~greyer than london, it was nice to finally see some sun sneaking a peek through the winter clouds during the week. i caught some natural light in my room, and propped myself up by the blinds in hopes of sucking up all the vitamin d i possibly could through double glazed windows. i'm almost certain it did nothing, but it was lovely and warm - if not to damn fleeting.

candy tones: i had my roots re-bleached by a colourist friend of rebekah's while in edinburgh, but didn't have a lot of actual hair dye left on me to touch it all up - so just did what i could. as i've not been able to re-colour it in full since then, i decided to try an see if a candy toner would do the trick and even out the roots and end in the absence of dye. so far, i'm not convinced, but i am in talks with the genius behind the product on how to achieve the desired effect. fingers crossed his advice works in my favour - expect a review on the scott cornwall candy toner soon!

on the case: before i went away i was lucky enough to nab myself a second hand, but new-to-me phone from some friends in high places; an upgrade on my previous model, and a "will do for now" piece of kit until i am due my actual upgrade later this month. the phone i'm using  is a samsung galaxy s5, which replaces my s2 and a3 - and all the other phones i've destroyed with constant selfie taking over the last few years, but what i failed to buy for it was a pretty case - because it's pretty dull otherwise. enter casetify: their incredibly vast range of fancy cases are sure to leave any phone looking nothing less than pretty. i'm loving the pastel feathers on my new clear-backed case*, though next time i buy a case i will ensure it's more of an all-over pattern, as it's quite shit how you can still see the phone's back and the brand name behind the pretty print! currently fawning over their stay gold collection, making mental notes to myself for my next phone to be pretty enough that a clear case will do this collection justice!

vegging out: i met rebekah on thursday night for dinner at the gate in islington (shouldn't have gotten out of bed, but a girl's gotta eat), and had a smashing time attempting to eat my body weight in vegetarian food. that's not a sentence ever written about me before, but after thursday, maybe a sentence to be repeated? if you're after affordable and delicious vegetarian food in london, i can definitely recommend this place! have the potato cakes (full review to come).

between all that and my failed attempt to live-tweet my first ever harry potter experience, it's been a quiet week... how about you?

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