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20 January 2016

wishlist | serious stationery staples

as i was poring through the stationery cupboard at work the other day trying to find a decent black pen and a new lined notebook for all the note-taking, i realised just how boring corporate stationery is. even in businesses in the creative industry - seriously, why so dull?! there are so many amazing stationery brands and companies out there these days, of which i indulge in on a regular basis for my personal stash at home, but seeing as i spend most of my life at work and not at home playing with my pop culture pencils (like, why do i have so many? and equally, why are none of them sharpened?), i thought i might just take this opportunity to build a case for cute stationery at work.

especially seeing as i didn't think you could, but you totally ~can buy kate spade stationery in the uk, and also now that kikki-k has opened up a store in london (squeee!); i am uber happy about this in particular because i was a big, biiig fan of the brand back in australia, and now i can be a big, biiiiiigger fan of them here as well!

paperchase is an obvious shout for stationery, i know, but my gawd do i love hanging out inside the tottenham court store, and perusing the new collections. better still is cruising the sale department - which is essentially where pens go to die, and i go to rescue. if i had a dime for every pen i salvaged, i'd sure have a lotta dimes (what the heck is a dime?). new-to-me stationery brand mid-last year was ban.do; famed for their "i am very busy" planners that sold like hotcakes on asos, i was more about the floral. as always, i suppose. i managed to get my 18 month planner as one of the last in stock, and it has served me ~well. it's so much more manageable than my filofax planner from the year prior, and waaaaaahaaaaay prettier too - important.

so with adorable stationery so readily available, why are we so willing to succumb to the mundane of the office's dull and corporate wares? let us rebel against those drab office managers, and demand our pastel pens and novelty cases and floral notebooks for each and every meeting... who's with me?

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