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16 May 2016

...it's got to get better though, right?

if  you read my previous post, by now you've got to be thinking "it can only get better!" and i hope you're right. i mean, it has to. truly, it has to, because i honestly can't see how it could get any worse... carmen is back at the weekend, and we can finally get the ball rolling on this whole "flatmate" malarky. otherwise, i could get quite used to living on my own you know..

we're planning a flatmate jaunt to ikea when she's back, to stock up on all the necessary home wares to make this place guest-ready. the flat's got so much space for entertaining, but it needs a few homely touches first. it's got a great kitchen too, with pretty good lighting. this means i'll be cooking again! i'm so excited by that idea, and killing time until pay day when i can buy all the ingredients for all of the recipe prep. we've got two massive rooms, so plenty of space to never get in each others way. and i've personally got a massive bed; i've had to buy new sheets as my new bed is a king, and all my sheets were doubles. first world problems, eh? 

and, did i mention the garden? we have one! a lovely, shady patch of green that's all ours. there are some sweet veggies being grown in there at the moment, and we're going to look at helping them along, and adding some pals to them. it's  also got another thing going for it that i've always, always wanted: a bloody big window ledge! i am going to fill it with a flower planter full of lavender plants so that i can do away with my sleep spray, and can casually fall asleep to the scent of fresh lavender on the breeze at night instead. the dream plan, huh! for now it's littered with fresh flowers and photo frames, but give me a pay cheque and and a few days of sun, and i'm getting my gardening on.

it's been a long couple of months, getting to this point of excitement, and i am exhausted. i am on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but there's a lot of hope on the horizon, and i dare say we're over the worst of it. actually, the worst part is that it's already been almost two weeks since we moved in, and they're going to want us to move out in about fifty more. ahhh crap; i hadn't considered that all this nonsense would need to be repeated in another year. oh lord, don't let me think about that, or i'll never sleep again.

in the meantime, i am planning carmen's return with a trip to the pound store to buy a mop and bucket, lidl for a bottle of bubbly, and the local indian to pick up a few pamphlets for our reunion dinner. i might cry when i see her. the bubbly is to distract her from my feelings.

*post written in collaboration with brand; all thoughts are my own*

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