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14 July 2016

travel | snapshots of brighton

i adore brighton, so given the fact i was down there over the weekend for "work" (if you can call hosting four fab bloggers and their partners on a beach watching a film "work"), i took the opportunity for some "me time" on saturday and went for a wander in the glorious british seaside weather. it wasn't cold, at least, but it sure was windy and grey.

i made my way down from the hotel up by the station, down through the colourful north laines and the city centre, down to the pier where i had to hold my skirt down at every turn, then back up through the winding, cobbled streets full of high street shops (where i may have indulged a little at cath kidston once more - it's tradition!), and into the royal pavilion and gardens to end a wonderful day.

given the state of the world at the moment, and the fact i was one and half days returned from a week away with no time to myself, a couple of hours spent wandering in the fresh air and beautiful town that is brighton was just what i needed to get things back on track again. it's awesome to have the sea so close, with regular trains down there, so i'm going to have to make it my mission this year to get back down there more often.

it's such a happy and welcoming little city, and one i apparently take for granted.

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