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20 July 2016

wishlist | picnicing in pastels

mason jar : lakeland | hat : asos | sunglasses : quay australia | tray : nest | blanket : cath kidston
hamper : john lewis | melamine plates : cath kidston | satchel : cambridge satchel co

the  sun's come out, and so the girls and i are planning a "summer get together" in the form of a fab picnic down at crystal palace park. it's sooo close to home for me, which is great, because i somehow put myself on drinks duty and now have a hundred bottles of alcohol to get from under my bed to the park, in the sun, by myself. life!

i know it's a bad omen, planning things - especially outdoor things, especially in british summer time, but hey ho - you only live once. we may live to regret it, but we're literally running out of summer and i can hand on heart say it's so far been a pretty shit one. here in london, i mean. my week in italy was bloomin' lovely, but back here in ol' blighty we've barely hit the twenties so far this summer, and that's just not fair.

my tan is all but gone and my burn is slowly peeling, so it's high time we had some high twenties so i can jolly well work on getting it all back! in the mean time though, i do have my sunny skin moisturiser on hand to keep up my holiday glow. other than the tan, we're basically set for picnic wares, although some melamine or plastic cocktail glasses and a shaker could work a treat. i'll have a quick squizz in tiger me thinks, but if you've seen any picnic must haves you want to share, i'd love you to leave your links below!

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