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10 July 2017


hey you! so, we just arrived in whitstable, found the flat, dropped our stuff off and then hit the town. it's absolutely gorgeous! so not what i was expecting, and nothing really like brighton or margate at all, which was a shock! the beach is all pebbles, like brighton, but the main street is just the quaintest little thing i've ever seen! totally lined by beautiful pubs and loads of fish a chip shops - because obviously - and it's so hard to take even a few steps without getting the camera out to take pics. you'd absolutely love it here - we'll have to come back again soon. love, erica x

me again! so, there's a dog in the air b&b we're staying in - a pug called chief, and he even has his own instagram! if you can believe it (not hard), he's got more followers than me too! today we spent the afternoon wandering up and down the pastel streets, popping in and out of all the charity shops as we went - it's a little cooler than we were expecting so we're just checking out what there is to buy in case it really gets cold overnight. we didn't pack for this! ben found some great vintage barware in one of the charity shops, so we paid for it and left it behind and will pick it all up tomorrow. too heavy to carry around all day! love, erica x

omg we found the most novelty pub ever this afternoon - the neptune. it's right on the beach, loads of tables outside, but the inside has the most eccentric  decor i've ever seen, and it was a delight to just sit in there, drink local beer, and people watch. weirdly, we bumped into amanda from work too! what are the chances! turns out she's staying down the road from us too, and we've seen her a few more times too. we're sort of playing "amanda bingo" at the moment. seen at the beach; seen with a coffee; seen with fish and chips; seen on a bike: bingo! haha, it's funnier if you're me. love erica x

ugh, what a lame night. we had a recommendation to head to this tapas bar right on the other side of the coast, so we walked. took us about half an hour, which isn't long, granted, but my god - after such a disappointing dinner, it was annoying to be that far away from the centre of town. on the walk back to town we hit up the twelve bells bar literally because they have a 'gin' sign out the front. not any old sign, no, a government issued, bright yellow, road hazard sign, that read 'gin'. so i mean, it had to happen no? we stayed for one and a board game or two then headed home. we shared a bottle of wine with our hosts, who were bloody lovely, then crashed out long after midnight. day one was a total success! i adore whitstable! erica x ooh ps. the sunset over the sea is... breathtaking.

hiiieey! today we spent the day at the castle (more of a stately home) because they had a vintage sale on. ben found *more* vintage bareware for his business, which was a lucky find for him, but all i found was more ice-cream. there has been a lottt of that over the last few days, let me tell you. also loads of pool - we found a great pub down the road called the new inn which has a pool table, a dog, and loads of boardgames. it's really nice, and we've spent loads of time there this weekend. the good news is my pool skills have improved! the bad news is, it took a mini bankruptcy to get me there. ah well! all in all, we had a great weekend in whitstable! i'm super glad we decided to come down. it's a shame you couldn't come though, you would have loved it. next summer? see you soon! love, erica. 

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