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22 September 2017


i learned some very real things about hard cases and hand luggage recently, when i did zerrrrrro research before jumping in an getting myself a new case for short-haul travel. let's call that a lesson in what not to do, ok; in the lead up to my birthday bonsai in japan, having definitely learned from past mistakes, i've spent a looooot of time scouring the internet for the very finest in comfort, cuteness, and carryable lugage for the two-week trip.

my research brought me to cabin zero. british designed and lightweight in their nature, they seemed just what i was looking for: durable, colourful, with loads of compartments, locks and zips, and better yet? the entire range is totally cabin-friendly. meaning: no checking in, no hassle, no worries about people sniffing through my stuff in the hold. and even better still? insanely affordable for the sizes available. the 28 litre model - your standard backpack size retails for £50, while the muuuuuch bigger 44 litre is only £60 - waaaay less expensive than the hard cases that nightmares are made of, and big enough to fit in two weeks worth of stuff while still fitting in the overhead lockers. sound too good to be true? it's not.

i took my lipe blue (named after ko lipe in thailand, where the colour scheme takes its inspiration) pack with my last week on a four-day stint in croatia, and with only a handful of days worth of stuff, it was wildly empty. the 44 litre capacity is going to definitely come in handy with more than twice the amount of clothing and toiletries (and, you know, all the stationery i plan to buy) i'll be packing, and thanks to the side compression straps, front zipped pocket and inside compartments, everything will have its place. bonus points for the lockable zippers, thick padded shoulder straps (sooo comfy!), and ten year warranty that all come as standard.

if i sound cocky, it's because i am. after all this time, i have finally found the holy grail of cabin luggage, and i could not be more excited to use it again in less than a week, arrrrrgh!

*backpack was kindly gifted from cabin zero, but all love for it is mine!

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