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9 September 2017


i don't have the patience for good photography; for learning how to take my camera off of auto mode and understand what all the functions do; for spending time practising and playing around; for paying attention. i'm a point and click kinda gal, which is why i love iphonography (for wont of a better word, especially as i don't even have an iphone) so much. phone cameras have come a long way in the last few years, and can easily rival some of the real cameras out on the market, but there will always be something a bit more "proper" about the photos taken on a real camera.

rebekah takes a great photo (of me), and has always had an interest in real photography, so last night we went along on a photo walk along the southbank with jessops and some of the instructors from the jessops academy, and she got to play around with an incredible piece of kit - the sony cyber shot dsc-rx10 mark 3. i refused to hold it, of course (except to take photos of her), because i know what i'm like and it would have done my head it trying to make it work, and it probably would have ended up in the thames out of actual clumsiness, but she had a play with it under the careful watch of the jessops crew, and she loved every minute of it.

i've been trying to convince her to buy a proper camera for years, because the depth of imagery in these images can't even compare to those taken on an iphone (even on her 6s plus); she agrees, of course, after the "light nerds" in the jessops squad showed her a bunch of cool tricks and gave her loads of tips on how to work with natural light (nerds), so who know.. watch this space for updates i guess! whatever the outcome, it was great to have the guys on hand to point out things along the southbank that we definitely have missed in the past - it was a gross evening weather wise, but it sure did make london look like the moody bitch we know she is. big thanks to jessops for being great tour leaders!

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