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12 February 2018


spring is almost upon us, and i have one key objective this floral season: kill less plants. i am starting to show my age, i think, because recently i have become more and more interested in decorating my flat and my room (where i spend the majority of my time, to be fair) than buying clothes or going out, and honestly? i'm okay with that. like i said: i spend a lot of time in my flat, and so it makes sense that decorating it in ways that make me comfortable, happy, and relaxed should be a priority, right? what i haven't made a priority in my thirty-odd years though, is just how to keep a plant alive long enough to bring me joy.

because our flat is 90% wood flooring (my room is the only with that's carpeted, annoyingly!), it does get rather cold in the winter, making keeping plants tough enough when the heating is blasting out around windows all over the flat. we have thrown around the idea of getting some rugs in certain rooms, but instead usually opt for socks and slippers. the only good thing about not having carpet all over the place is the fact we can have indoor plants and not have to worry about damp and mouldy carpet; things i'd certainly not have to worry about, because the need for more plants has become overwhelming these last few weeks.
aaaand, then during our weekend away in cyprus i was served an advert on instagram that was actually the most well-targeted ad i've ever seen: patch, a plant-delivery service, were offering free delivery on orders over £50. seemed like a lot for plants, but once i'd added a couple of succulents and a peace lily and a luscious boston fern - as well as pretty little planters for them all (because i'm not a monster!), i had hit £50, and they're getting delivered this weekend. and, i can't bloody wait to pot them all, and decorate my room ready for spring!

the girls were proud/shocked, of course, but i'm nothing if not a (wo)man of my word, and we had only the night before been talking about plants and how great they are for us to have around. they delight spaces with greenery and life; they clean air and dilute nasties; they are good for the soul; they teach about maintenance and housekeeping. they're all-round good to have around the house. and i'd just made the decision - then and there as i scrolled through my insta-feed on the last day of our holiday - that i am going to be a plant person this year.

the best thing about the patch site is that each plant has a great description underneath their pictures, that tells you exactly where that plant likes to be kept, how it likes to be fed, and the best time of the year for them to thrive so they survive as long as possible. next on my list of plants to buy is a magnificent fern - maybe a parlour palm - and a beautiful cheese plant, because i just can't quit those giant swiss cheese leaves. and maybe a prayer plant...

*post written in collaboration with brand; all plant loving is my own.

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