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3 September 2018

five reasons i'm looking forward to autumn

it's my birthday season

still not quite used to this fact, as i was actually born in the spring - back home. here, in upside down land, my birthday now falls as the leaves do (awww), and that's still a pretty nice novelty for me. especially because i never really had an autumn back home (it's mostly just always hot so the leaves don't really stick around to then be able to fall!) and yet now it's like a thing. autumn leaves are some of the most spectacular visions of nature, don't you think? the range of colours from the shades of green into yellows and burnt oranges, into browns and red are just... a feat of nature, don't you think?

layers - need i say more?

thick jumpers. woolly knits. slouchy sleeves. the dream! this week i've started my bi-annual clear out of clothes i no longer wear, or that don't fit, or that aren't "me" anymore, and i've made an increasingly-large pile of things i need to sell, or donate, or give away to friends. for the most part, i find donating and giving away "easier" - it's nice to recycle pieces that are in good condition but just don't fit or suit anymore, because sustainable fashion is something we should all be concerned about.

selling stuff on, i have more trouble with. i never know which app is the app du jour for selling, and i always end up on the wrong one. i never know what to price things at, either. and, it's tough to know how your things will be viewed by others - and, how much is postage, these days? thankfully i have just discovered shiply*, thanks to jasmin, who are an ebay courier who keep the costs down by letting your package "share" the ride with other ones. this way, you don't need to hire your own courier, you can just use someone else's! nifty trick, and can save a lot of cash - especially if you're moving bulkier items like coats and boots out of your wardrobe, which... i am.

the chill in the air 

you know when you first open the door, or you're leaving the office, or when you open the window to let a bug out, and the crisp, cold air just takes your breath away? i love that. it's a shock to the system, a reminder to your lungs to do their job, and it's a jolt to the brain - it flips a switch inside, and starts a reboot of the body. anything's possible, once that happens, and that's exciting!

potato erryday

another really exciting thing is the prospect of potato for every meal. think of all the incredible ways you can use that veg, and then do it. and cover it in gravy. and eat it on repeat for six sweet months.. the best months deserve the potato-iest dishes!


this autumn i am finally fulfilling my destiny, by celebrating my birthday in new york! i was supposed to go for my 30th, but for one reason or another, it didn't happen. this year though, i'm making it happen, and not only that, going with my best pal for all the pizza, street art and bridges two gals can handle. we're actually spending my birthday in new haven in connecticut, where i plan to eat lobster rolls on the sand dunes, in between wandering the seaside town's side streets, living my best gilmore girls life. and.. i can't freaken wait! the day we arrive in brooklyn, bex has booked us a "crime and cannoli" walking tour of little italy as my birthday treat, and i am absolutely buzzing for the experience. everything i love in one place - get me there now!

i make no apologies for waxing lyrical about the impending seasonal shift, because i am going to be living my very best life in the next few months. i hope you do too!