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28 September 2018

this is a story all about how...

i thought it would be a great idea to get a new cross body bag for my upcoming trip to new york, and so invested in this emerald beauty that i saw on offer at very.co.uk recently. you might not know this, but green is my new colour. i used to hate it. often with a vengeance, but lately i have fallen head over heels for all things green. i'm not talking like, lime. or forest green. or even teal - no, i'm talking good old fashioned gem-stone hued.

if it's emerald or jade or peridot or agate or jasmine or aquamarine - i want it. which is how this bag came about. on site, it looked great - cross body, but big enough to fit a stash of snacks, water, cameras, and all sorts of other junk inside, with a secret zip for extra security. it was only about twenty quid too, so a veritable bargain, so naturally - i bought it.

it turned up two days later in all its emerald glory, and it was instantly love. ish. as in, i sorta kinda almost really fell in love with it. i loved elements of it - like, the sum of the parts was not equal to the whole, type sitch, and i think there are two reasons for this. one: the strap is farrrrrr too long for me. i need a couple of extra holes punched into the strap to get it to the right length, and two: the strap crosses from one side of the zip to the other rather than alongside the zip. does that even make sense? i guess the best way to explain what i mean is that the bag has an unnatural bend to it when it's alongside my body, because of this. small issues, but annoying - no?

i'm wearing: dress c/o fashion world | sslides from office | bag from very

obviously, those annoying features have not stopped me using the bag at every opportunity, because i sort of live by the rule that if you ignore something enough, it'll go away. not sure that's the smartest rule i've ever followed, because i'll probably end up resenting the bag for these small irks of mine, but until then... i'll find a cobbler to pop some holes in the damn thing for me, and just get on with my life.

now tell me: is this the most inane blog post you've ever read? answers on a postcard.

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